Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Haredi Pros and Cons

Here are two amusing-but-serious columns about the relations between the Haredi part of Israeli society and the rest. The first, by Shachar Ilan, a secular observer and critic, until recently at Haaretz, offers 18 positive things about the Haredis. In response, Yaacov Rivlin, a Haredi blogger, finds 18 positive things to say about the secular Israelis. (Though his mostly Haredi readers rather disagree with him).

I don't have the time to translate right now, so Hebrew-challenged readers need not follow the links, alas. Here's one from each side:
Ilan about the Haredi: They read. Really.
Rivlin about the secular: Every few years they go to the polls and vote according to their own decision.


Anonymous said...

On can copy the headline and google it.
So one receive the google link to The Marker Café's articles with the opportunity to chose a translated version.
Works fine in Germany with a satisfying result. :-)



t34zakat said...

You can also put the url directly into google translate.

On a few points the software gives up, but most of it's understandable.