Monday, November 30, 2009

Mondoweiss Doesn't Like Jews

Mondoweiss approves of those in the UK who dislike the presence of Jews on the Chilkot inquiry. (The issue is introduced here, for those who have forgotten). This puts Mondowiess on the antisemitic part of the discussion, though there could have been another explanation: that they are merely hyper-sensitive to matters of impartiality on panels. Wondering if that might be the case, I searched their site for mention of a previous famous case in which a panel included a person who had publicly made up her mind before even joining. (I'm not saying either of the two English-Jewish historians has done this, mind you. But perhaps Mondoweiss thinks they have).

Nope. The only mentions of Christine Chinkin at Mondoweiss are positive. Here and here. So that's not it.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't read much of Mondoweiss
but I've read enough to get the distinct impression that he'd have been comfortable wearing a swastika