Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Travel

The weekend of Thanksgiving is famously the worst time to travel in the entire year, and today is the worst day of the weekend. Or so I've been often told: I've never tried it, myself.

Today I will. Of course, in Warsaw Budapest and Tel Aviv they don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so maybe it won't be a problem, but still, I'm proud of my bravery for trying.

Anyway, may my American readers all have a fine holiday!


AKUS said...

Yaakov - I hope one day to return to live in Israel, and intend to celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a holiday that Israel desperately needs - a holiday with no religious aspects to it, simply a day to give thanks for having survived, and, hopefully, prospered during the previous year. And if it became a day when people from different religions or ethnicities invited each other to a meal together, so much the better.

Happy travels!

Shalom, Cherry Hill said...

To those who understand Hebrew, you will understand why saying 'Hodu' La'Shem Ki Tov is particularly appropriate on Thanksgiving as we eat the turkey!