Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bomb Iran. Repeatedly.

The New York Times has an op-ed by one Alan J. Kuperman, who has a snazzy-sounding title at U. of Texas, Austin. He spends a chunk of time setting up his credentials as an expert, but then suddenly takes off in a belligerent direction: The only thing that will stop Iran from causing nuclear damage is to bomb it. By the US, not Israel, because it will need to be bombed repeatedly.

I don't say much on this matter, because I don't know enough about the many technical and cultural aspects to have anything meaningful to say. (Though I did once, in some detail, here). Nor do I know to tell how representative this Kuperman fellow is of anything. I doubt he has a hot-line to the White House. Still, Obama's outstretched hand has clearly found a clenched fist in Teheran, with sharp steel knuckles. Something will have to happen.


AKUS said...

What is amazing is that the NYT saw fit to publish this. Perhaps they need to get their click rate up to increase advertising revenues?

I dare say we'll see it referenced on that other site in need of clicks ... (the Guardian).

Avigdor said...

Money quote, "eschewing force is tantamount to appeasement".

Anonymous said...

Definitely a Texas style solution.