Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Campbell at Normblog on Lozowick

Jonathan G. Campbell uses Normblog's weekly book-review slot to offer a thoughtful analysis of my Right to Exist: A Moral Defense of Israel's Wars. I'm honored by his reading.

Campbell himself is a don (I think that's what they call them over there) at the University of Bristol. If you look him up on Amazon UK you'll see all sorts of things he's written. My guess is that the book most likely to appeal to a wide audience is Deciphering the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Norm himself, of course, wrote lots of books, focusing most, it seems to me, on aspects of Marxism (remember Marxism? It used to be an extremely fashionable religion once upon a time). If I had to chose one book of his to recommend to a general public of thinking folks, I suppose it would be The Contract of Mutual Indifference: Political Philosophy After the Holocaust. (Unless he writes to tell me I'm all wrong about this. Norm does that from time to time, always in calm and polite tones).


Anonymous said...

Hi Yaacov
Thanks for this comment on my post at Normblog.
Is there any chance, by the way, that you might produce a 2nd edition of your RIGHT TO EXIST?

JG Campbell

Yaacov said...

Thank you, Jonathan.

As for a 2nd edition: first, I haven't heard the publisher expressing an interest. I"m not pushing, partially because I've moved on, partially because much of the book still stands as it is, and partially because the blog replaces the need for ever-recurring updates.