Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lawfare in the Other Direction

A group of Israelis with Belgian citizenship are taking Hamas to court in Belgium.

This sort of thing will never bring peace. No matter which side initiates it. Yet if the anti-Israel lawfarers lose the comfort of owning the battlefield, maybe they'll use it less. That's certainly a reasonable target to aim at.


Avigdor said...

Hamas is one thing. What we need is for someone to go after Abbas and Quireia and all the old PLO members with blood on their hands. Remember, nothing needs to be proven in order for the arrest warrants to be issued. Mossad and the IDF should help provide all the evidence against these people, and keep everyone in suspense for a few years of court battles. That'll shut the "international law" types up real fast.

AKUS said...

I don't agree. Finally, some Israelis are staring to use their Yiddishe kops and fighting back.

L'attaque, toujours l'attaque!!

It would be great to see the Euros and their terrorist guests hoisted on a petard of their own making.

AKUS said...

(PS - I meant I don't agree that these Israelis - in fact, the State - shouldn't do this).

They should go after these terrorists and their hypocritical defenders, there are excellent grounds for it since the targets have been declared terrorists by the EU.