Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mondoweiss: We're Liberating the World

Adam Horowitz (he's the Mondo half of Mondoweiss) is apparently also in Cairo, and is attributing a new success to the 1300 enemies of Israel camped out on its streets. Apparently some Egyptians held a demonstration yesterday, with Arab-language placards, not English ones, demanding - so far as I can make out - more liberty in Egypt. This, Horowitz tells us, may be a sign of the success of the thwarted Gaza marchers, that they may yet bring down the autocratic regime of Egypt.

Let's pretend, if we can, not to notice the hubris of some foreigners flying into Cairo and showing the Cairenes how to do protest and democracy. It seems to me that if it's freedom liberty and democracy you're trying to create, there are any number of possible things to be demonstrating about these days. Iran comes to mind, or Zimbabwe, or Russia, or any number of other places. Trying to bolster freedom and democracy - or even plain decency - by bolstering the antisemitic, anti-democratic anti-liberal and anti-human regime of Hamas seems a bit odd.

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NormanF said...

What's interesting is the bulk of the anti-Israeli protestors are Western moonbats rather than native Egyptians or Arabs. The Arabs are tired of the Palestinians and the only people who seem to want to support Hamas are people who hate their own free societies. Hamas, incidentally is the Palestinian wing of the outlawed Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. The Mubarak regime has no interest in strengthening it.