Thursday, January 28, 2010

Choosing a Speech

Once I finally found time this morning I had to choose. There were two speeches in the US yesterday, I could most likely find both on You-Tube: but which to prefer?

To be honest, it wasn't much of a dilemma.The fellow on the West Coast is much the more cool of the two, and also has a proven record of (sometimes) changing things in the world; the fellow on the East Coast has indeed given a handful of important speeches in his day, and if this was of that class I'd surely hear about it sooner or later. So I went to the one by Jobs, not the one about jobs.

It was a fine show, obviously. But this new Thingy he introduced: what's it for? It doesn't make phone calls. I can't blog from it. I can read books on it, they say - but I've got shelves full of unread books already, and each visit to Amazon makes that predicament worse. How is a new gadget going to solve the real problem, lack of time? It's the very best viewer for surfing the Web, he tells me. OK, I certainly spend far too much time on the Web.The thing is, much of what I spend time doing is somehow interactive. I read and respond. I read, download and later process. I collect stuff and blog about it, or integrate into other things I'm doing, using other software tools such as scrupulously weren't mentioned in the speech yesterday. Not "apps", whatever they are; I mean real programs. I do lots of thinking while leaning on software, and lot's of talking about it, too; he never mentioned the possibility of doing a presentation from his new toy, and anyway, why would it be better than the toys I've already got. And what's this i-affectation, anyway? iPod, iPhone, iPad: enough already. Better to go back to apples.

Did I choose to watch the wrong speech, pray tell?


Anonymous said...

to date I have found to articles (and printed out for reading!!!) of guys who seem to say they had your reaction until they got to play with the thing. On The New Yorker web page they have iPhone painting competitions all the time, maybe being able to do better at them is the future ;-)

also not much talk about the MacBookAir anymore which is a pity because that song of the Israeli singer accompanying the ads was a delight.


Anonymous said...

here's my favourite personal gadget shopping advisor on the iPad

After reading this I like him even better because he seems so sensible expecially when I think back to what happened when I discarded almost 20 years of Microsoft experience for a MacBook and never looked back and still feel that warm glow of how easy it can be whenever I have a "problem" to solve. The differences are never spectacular or seem significant which doesn't keep them from making the whole an infinitely better experience.


Bryan said...

iPad is possibly the worst name for a product ever.

Anonymous said...

>-but I've got shelves full of unread books already, and each visit to Amazon makes that predicament worse.

Me too.


Anonymous said...

yaacov: "I've got shelves full of unread books already".
what exciting times are waiting for u :-)

lg, johannes, vienna