Sunday, January 31, 2010


I don't know where Prof. Geras dug this up, but it's worth it.


Unknown said...

As a resident of Newton, MA I must point out that there is no IHOP in Newton. Otherwise, pretty funny

Bryan said...

Nor is there an Outback Steakhouse, much to my displeasure.

Regardless, quite amusing.

Anonymous said...

I missed the part that you may desert/cut allegiance to the big L if he doesn't give protection
... or was that by another one of the Anglo-giants - Anyway I found this quite a treat:
Quentin Skinner on Hobbes - not as funny but quite exciting - Silke

and if you want more of the exciting stuff on this series perfectly geared to the amateurs here's the link,

where they offer transcripts also:

Yaacov said...

There are two separate readers of this very small blog in one MA township? Wow. I'm honored.