Saturday, January 23, 2010

Responding to Goldstone?

Sometime soon the IDF's response to the Goldstone Report will be made public. At which time I'll read it and comment on it. Together, we'll see who else reads it, and who rejects it unread.


ModernityBlog said...

[Off topic, but I am sure you will appreciate the significance of this issue]

A British blogger has been intimidated by the police. The Reverend Stephen Sizer didn’t like comments and criticism made on the Seismic Shock blog, so got the police to physically intimidate the blogger, to take down that mild criticism.

This is a clear freedom of speech issue, the police should not be used to intimidate bloggers.

I urge you to publicise this issue and support Seismic Shock, as “I too am Seismic Shock”

For more information see


Anonymous said...

I have not the slightest doubt, that the IDF's response will show the Goldstone-report for what it is but in the meantime we, the public, have been inundated with stuff like this (no full transcript but worth to listen to for German speakers, it's powerful stuff)

and here is Shimon Stein standing up for Israel (full transcript)

but as always in these cases the reasonable (and probable!!! and/or highly likely!!!) pales when listened to compared to the emotional (-ly hyped)

(I keep linking to dradio because of all our radio stations it seems to me to be the most sober and balanced and it doesn't have to do advertising being fully financed by listeners' compulsory fees and possibly something from the government)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to suggest that any future UN reports footnote the title as well as providing a link to both the Hebrew/ Arabic and the English news articles if there is a translation available. I just spent most of the morning tracking down an Eli Yishai quote in section 1205 (1201 of the advanced draft) FN589 (2 February 2009, in Hebrew).
This link was broken.

I found
I haven't found the hebrew ynet article yet.

But there is the simultaneous English translation at
Which should also have been referenced, but wasn't in Goldstone.

Anonymous said...

It sounds as if the response will be in two parts, a general letter to Ban ki-Moon and latter a more detailed report from the IDF.