Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tony Strikes Again!

A while ago we debated the existence or spoofness of one Rabbi Tony Jutner, a fellow who posts outlandish comments on articles of The Forward. One of the editors later told me he's convinced the fellow doesn't exist, and he deletes his comments when he sees them.

Well, he's back, is Tony, and this time he's clearly here for the fun. David Hazony has written a column about the need to preserve archeological findings in what will probably one day become Palestinian territory. His article is reasonable, though some of the subsequent comments add complexity to the issue. Then there's Tony:

I say give them the scrolls. It would be a goodwill gesture where it is badly needed. The scrolls dont inform my daily existence. However, if the Palestinians insisted on Portnoys Complaint, I woould resist this with all my soul

And I say, Forward People, please don't delete this one. It's an interesting attempt at deflating the seriousness of some of our discussions, and spoofs can also be part of the debate, why not?


Avigdor said...

The scrolls dont inform my daily existence

Ya think, "Rabbi"?

Anonymous said...


Did you ever think you and Richard Silverstein had common ground? You share views regarding Jutner. I found this argument between them in them comments on Silverstein's blog from last summer. Silverstein notes on Jan 1 of this year that he banned Jutner.

It is a truly bizaare and ignorant discussion between them. Here is the link.


Anonymous said...

One more. Jutner describes himself "and as leader of New Judaism." "The New Judaism" is the title of silly and funny essay written by Jon Stewart in 1998.


Anonymous said...

there is a lot more from "Rabbi" Jutner on the Forward. Just do a search. Also, I think that Richard Silverstein dissed Mr Jutner, perhaps out of jealousy