Friday, February 26, 2010

Guardian of the Falklands

The British and Argentinians are bickering about the Falklands, again. While no one expects them to start shooting, they are serious, not because of 2,500 Englishmen who live on the islands, nor because the islands are closer to Argentina than to the UK, but because there's oil nearby.

The historical claims of both sides stem from colonial pasts. The British have been coming and going since the late 16th century, perhaps, and the Spanish were in the picture since sometime in the late 18th century. The Argentinian claim flows from the Spanish one, apparently; no-one says they've been there from time immemorial or anything. If you're into damning colonialism - as some are - you're best bet is to wish for a pox on both their houses.

The Guardian is vehemently into damning colonialism. It's one of their favorite themes. On this one, however, they're a bit choosy: The British claim, they say, is a colonial vestige, so it should be dropped. (In favor of the Spanish colonial claim). Heh.


Empress Trudy said...

Occupied Malvinas. I highly recommend that the peaceful peaceloving people of peace begin a campaign of 'activism' e.g. car bombs and rockets, against the evil imperialist (and probably Zionist) occupiers both in the Malvinas and in their home country, the UK.

Bryan said...

Argentina seriously needs to get over it. It has no great claim to the islands (like, for example, having lived there for several centuries), and the Islanders are all British citizens (and happy for it).

sparrow said...

I think they actually belong to S. Africa (geologically speaking), so neither the UK nor Argentina:-)