Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not Human Rights

My son (the student, not the soldier) sent me this link, and tells me I should quote Ben Dror Yemini more often than I do. Yemini is a Tel-Aviv lawyer turned centrist pundit with a sharp pen and a regular column in Maariv. The problem is, he writes Hebrew, and even when he gets translated (here's an archive of his translated articles), much of his argument gets lost in the translation. Here, for example, is a column which makes use of the fact that Gay and Pride are the same word in Hebrew, not that you'd ever guess from the translation of his column. (Gay, Gaava, Pride, that's how the word was chosen, and a neat choice it was).

This week's column looks at the NIF and the scandal of its support for Israeli's enemies.
The NIF has joined the many deceivers. There are a million and one violations of human rights in the world. Israel, as a country at war, violates less than any other. I've checked, and the numbers prove it. But it gets the lion share of the criticism. It's called demonizing, de-legitimizing, and obsession. This isn't human rights. It's an orchestrated campaign.

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