Sunday, February 14, 2010

Years, if Needed

The American-led assault on the Taliban in Marjah, Afghanistan, is expected to take weeks to be completed. We hope it will be successful, of course, that's the only possible position to have.

Yet another difference between how Israel wages its wars and others do so. Can anyone conceive of the UN Security Council convening anytime soon to demand a cease fire in Afghanistan? Of American generals planning and executing their wars with the certainly that they've got days, or a few weeks at the most, in which to achieves their goals, before the international community shut them down?


Anonymous said...

all about targeted killings and absolutely no head-wagging as to the morality of it
- maybe Germans will see it differently and moralise about it as much as they did when Israel is concerned, if so I should stumble upon something next week - found via the Daily Beast

Anonymous said...

missfired rockets in Afghanistan kill civilians - as yet I have seen no accusations that NATO was negligent or did it intentionally. ... and I detect no budding hysterics in the writing
Also amazing how the numbers in the London Times story about it now differ from the numbers they had this morning - very confusing ... - lets hope the civilians were not really civilians
General McChrystal became dear to my heart for saying that it is not a "physical war" ... - rrrgh, hope he doesn't repeat that to the by now very physically dead Brit and Marine as well as the above civilians ...

this morning there were 50 Taleban - comparison to now reminds one of the first victim of war is the truth
this morning: