Monday, March 1, 2010

Costumes and Lightbulbs

Purim is the day of the year when Israelis dress up in costumes, like Halloween in the US. The children I saw were in the usual: policemen, Queen Esther, that sort of thing. Among the adults, however, the most popular costume by far was something with a wig/three passports/tennis gear. Ive never seen so many Mossad agents out on the street in my life.

And then there was this variation on the "how many XXX to fix a light-bulb" joke:

- How many Mossad agents to fix a light-bulb?

- Light-bulb? There wasn't any light-bulb.


Anonymous said...

so it is likely that the Times got it right when it wrote Mossad is gets job applications galore

and horror over horror not only have two of the by now only 26 (what happened to the other 6?) travelled to Iran, another two went to the US (found via Daily Beast)

Anonymous said...

wow quelle eloquence:
"If israel and Mossad mistreated Europeans, we will not. If the Mossad dipped their hand in blood and wiped it on European passports, our treatment of Europeans will not be affected," he said.

- and I if you like wild stories go to the oldest of the comments by Nir Sha and if you go a bit further a tim suts II has the same two stories in clearer language - seems Dubai is a way too interesting place

as to the light bulb problem: I prefer this one:
Ternon Daheet wrote:
How many Mossad agents does it take to change a lightbulb?
26. 25 to change the bulb and one to hold the tennis racket.

the vast majority of commenters now seems to be enamoured by Mossad

Anonymous said...

what a gem from Ireland - Silke

"In addition, the fact that not so long ago our politicians were happy to sell Irish passports to wealthy donors makes the current complaints ring a little hollow and one wonders whether the real objection to Mossad using our passports is simply that they refused to pay the usual fee. There is nothing we hate more than the feeling that someone has got something for free."

Unknown said...

I liked the Purim costume described to me by a friend:

"I went to Dubai with 26 of my friends and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."

Anonymous said...

to me this reads like Hamas is getting jealous by learning from comment sections like the Times that Mossad has made itself very very popular i.e. that the derring-do loving ones seem to win the argument.
also hurray:
no. 27 has resurfaced - only 5 still missing from top count