Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Michael Oren in Action

Regular readers will know that I'm a great fan of our ambassador in the US, Michael Oren. Recently he was shouted down by rowdies at the University of California, Irvine

On that occasion he won the discussion simply by maintaining his composure in the face of uncouth behavior. And especially note his final sentence in the YouTube film.

This week he's back on the attack, with a letter to the Irvine community suggesting he'd be glad to come back and talk.

Assuming our enemies - at Irvine or elsewhere, are interested in talking, of course.


Anonymous said...

just noticed that at 6:40 the guy has a "manuscript" for what he is going to shout - what a planning session those louts must have had and will there be, even in the US, these days a university which can afford to relegate any of these - I doubt it - they have won that round - the threat of expulsion is an empty one and they know it -

other than that I first "met" Michael Oren on book-tour with Power, Faith and Fantasy and fell for him on at once and he is getting better and better and better ...
the ones shouting down Daniel Ayalon at LSE still seemed spontaneous while these seem to have orchestrated their stuff carefully - what did they use as triggers - time intervals or key words?

what will be the next thing - base ball clubs - karate lessons?


chareidilite said...

They should have warned them once that interruptions would not be tolerated, and then tasered anyone who stood up and started shouting.

Anonymous said...

they are solidaric with oil supplying states
- you can't taser them for "free speech"