Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One More on Obamacare

I finally had a conversation this afternoon with a fellow who knows what he's talking about. An American who lives in Israel; a scholar whose entire career is about public health policies and that sort of thing; a Lefty-bleeding-heart-liberal chap bereft of the starry-eyed ability of uninformed folks to pretend the world is nicer than it is and ever can be (which is to say: a rather common type of Israeli).

"So tell me", I inquired, "what's the story of this Obamacare thingy? Is it good for the world or bad?"

He launched into a learned speech... and then stopped. "You know what? Go read David Brooks in the NYT today. He's got it right".

I did.


Anonymous said...

my favourite of this morning was Shmuel Rosner but of course the fact that he is right makes me sad


but then I have a weak spot for Netanyahu - he is as far from being my "type" as can be but I want him to succeed in a very touchy feely way
but then of course I also want Livni on the world stage

as to Brooks - what I have learned from my "time" at Baseline Scenario is that the US health insurance system is NOT conducive to (worker) mobility ... why always these broad sweeping unjustified claims?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a democrat sympathizer trying to avoid saying that this health care bill is a disaster.