Monday, March 22, 2010

UNI=United Nations Idiocy

Barry Rubin has a fine example of how utterly idiotic the United Nations can be. It has nothing to do with Israel this time (though lots of the neighbors are involved); I'm posting because if not for Barry's noticing, it's a story none of us would likely ever to have come across.


Anonymous said...

I've been following the exquisite "delights" of the Hariri-investigations over the years via this guy
- start here, read backward from there and enjoy (the pain)

Sergio said...

This week-end on TV, idiocy-gallore.

On "bbc-dateline", a bunch of enlightened europeans pontificating about everything, particularly the obsession with the ME; one brit complains of the right-wing russian emigrés that turned israel to the right. On deutsche-welle,
a one-hour debate on, what else, "the settlements" (or apartments or whatever), the most important issue of the universe; and two euromorons complaining (what else), one of them putting the blame on far-right Israeli "religious mystics" that cannot accept
a palestinian state on biblical lands!!?. And, again on BBC, a ludicrous instance of "doha debates", featuring Hamas and PLO gangsters trying to heal their "disagreements".

As someone said: a journalist is someone that explains to others what he himself does not understand.

Cheers (if possible...),


Empress Trudy said...

You confuse stupidity with intent. They WANTED to do this.

Anonymous said...

This is Hell
I vote for both - intent AND stupidity

I've been following some journo-stars rather closely, very very few seem to have actually looked at the books they claim to know let alone read them - they are faking the savvyness and pride themselves on their ability to know what's "really" going on i.e. they peddle conspiracy like fantasies. On clue to their worthlessness is when they start pretending to have intimate knowledge of the goings on in other countries.

- yesterday or so I checked up on that EU Foreign Policy trump card Baroness Ashton - the Brits are only telling me that she never stood for elections so I assumed she was real family aristo i.e. having possibly some valuable connections for off the record talks all over the world - but no her being titled is a pay-off for having been a civil servant i.e. she is just a clerk pushed up through the ranks and if you read her up on Wikipedia you can safely bet on her boding ill for Israel

and you complain about your Lula at least the guy was elected (I hope) and not just a stand-in for whatever or product of cronyism.


Sergio said...

Dear Silke,

What is worrying is the number of people in influential positions that have no clue at all about what they pontificate. And there's no one there to question these people on the spot! There is a complete lack of critical thinking, which is astounding and scary.
This is years of postmodernist "education" which is bearing is rotten fruits.

As for Lula-the-nullity, yes, he was elected twice and I voted for his first term. Never more!

All the best.


berryberryweevil said...

That's a hard act to follow. But only because it was smashed to bits before arriving on stage.

mini-hariri in damascus