Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Adsence, now Twitter

The other day I explained that because of my real job I need to experiment with stuff, and am using this blog as the laboratory. That was when I imported Adsense to this page. Now I've launched a twitter account. I'm not certain how to use it, and see no reason why any regular reader of this blog would be interested: you already know your way here, and seem to come by more or less regularly, so why would you need need twitter updates? Especially as I have absolutely no intention of twittering about what I eat for breakfast or each e-mail exchange I have with Rahm Emanuel. Still, if you believe the hype - or, in my case, trying to understand the reality behind the hype - the claim is made that twitter can enhance the readership of this blog by reaching new folks. Or not.

So I'm at twitter, at @yaacovlozowick (original, huh?).

Facebook? I'm leary of that one for the time being.


Anonymous said...

If you figure out what the big deal about twitter is, please save us all a lot of time, and tell us.

If you go to facebook, you will never come up for air. My dh and dss do facebook, so I get any news from them or anything funny or worthwhile that comes in once in a while. My dh found long lost family, and other long lost friends. He is constantly getting updates on how people are doing on these on-line games. OTOH, it is nice for knowing what is going on with people, like when someone is born or having surgery, etc.

I once heard that on-line gamers can hire people in China to play the "boring" lower levels of games for them to build up points and get them to higher levels where the games get interesting and challenging. I suggeseted to my sons that they start a facebook pre-reading business. They will read your facebook for you and the send you an SMS (text) when there is something important, or interesting.


Anonymous said...

great idea, Nycerbarb, only so "yesterday" ;-)

when I worked as a secretary, doing newspaper reading for the boss and serving the result up in clippings was quite often part of my job

only new thing about it would be that not only the "better" folks get their reading pre-chewed now but everybody could indulge in feeling important


Anonymous said...

facebook is actually good for a lurking parent - you get to see photos of your children that their friends took of them, and you don't have to do anything else with it.

Yaacov said...

What if the children do the lurking? Not to mention colleagues, prospective business colleagues and so on?

pj said...

Sorry to insert myself. I think the adsense looks out of place on your blog. I mean an article about Elie Wiesel followed by a large ad for "artery clearing secret". Sort of downplays the seriousness of your blog. I think you can put a twitter link in your sidebar although personally I find twitter to be fairly strange just to follow. Facebook seems like a popularity contest in some ways -some of my friends have thousands of friends - who can keep track.

Anyways going back into lurk mode. I find your blog very readable.

Yaacov said...

Thank you PJ. I value the insight and depending on the outcome of the experiment, who knows, maybe I'll even do as you suggest.

Michael J. Totten said...

Facebook is much better than Twitter. You can use it to connect with ex-girlfriends, if you are so inclined, and also with, for instance, Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister. (He "friended" me not too long ago. Really.)

Gavin said...

I recently had a discussion with a friend whose children are just into their teenage years. She won't let them use Facebook or Twitter, Bebo etc, which I thought was a bit unfair. Her reasoning was that we do stupid things as teenagers and she didn't want her childrens teenage hijinks coming back to haunt them when they were in the adult world & joining the workforce etc. Google preserves our online words & deeds for posterity, which isn't necessarily a good thing. Had to admit she had a very good point and her children may end up thanking her... they obviously don't see it that way and are most unhappy about it.

Yaacov I get an ad directly beneath the post a comment link and it has no space between which is a bit annoying. Good for the click-throughs but I doubt it's intentional.

Cheers, Gavin

"thebrooksies" said...

Yaacov - yes you should use twitter, if nothing else to at least let people from around the world follow your updates - you don't have to overdo it -- but its a useful tool regards zvi

Soccer Dad said...

If you're on Twitter then you should use Tweet Deck or Twitter Feed to automate the process of getting your posts on Twitter and not doing it by hand.

You can also use Feedburner to feed your posts directly to Twitter (and, I think, Facebook.)

I joined Facebook mostly to keep in touch with my nephews.