Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Jews ARE to Blame for the Volcano, After All

Don't say you didn't see this coming. Judeosphere has the story.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Lozowick you are discriminating women when you try to usurp interfering volcanoes for Jews

after all it is us who is responsible for the earth quaking by showing too much cleavage!

you guys must really learn how to at least share responsibility with the "Second Sex"

just google boobs and earthquakes and then apologize ;-)


peterthehungarian said...

Silke you too are trying to diminish the role of the "third" sex - the gay-lesbian community. As we all know from Shlomo Benizri - earthquakes are the direct consequences of gay sex.

Anonymous said...

Even some of Israel's friends think we are responsible for the volcano.


Sergio said...

Yeah, and the volcano's unpronouceable name is also a clever zionist trick so that people's attention are shifted elsewhere, say, to trains or buses.

As a lighter aside, genocidal emeritus Omar al-Bashir is the grand winner of Sudan's "election".

Cheers, cheers!


Anonymous said...

Sergio it's OT
but maybe he's your kind of guy (I couldn't quite follow it but that doesn't signify anything)


http://www.abc.net.au/rn/philosopherszone/stories/2010/2871384.htm (Philip Bell - Confronting Theory)

Anonymous said...

The theory would be a lot more believable if they included a blurb about the culpability of the local Icelandic Mossad representative, wife of the President of Iceland - Mrs. דורית מוסאיוף - Dorrit Moussaieff.

Check out wiki.

Not that is a conspiracy baby!


Morey Altman said...

Hmm, dark clouds hanging over Israel-bashing Europeans and Scandinavians...well, maybe we ARE responsible? ;) LOL

AKUS said...

Whoa - only the other day Ahmadinajad announced that he is planning to move millions out of Tehran because Allah is going to send an earthquake there in response to all the loose women roaming the streets of his city.

I thought it would be amusing (not for the victims, however) if he did do that, and the earthquake struck the new location, however.

AKUS said...

Asaf - I would never have believed this - the "first lady" of Iceland is Dorrit Moussaieff!!!

So I checked it out on wiki, as you suggested (its true), and stumbled onto the following, which is interesting in light of the Dubai passport issue. I have never been able to understand how Israelis with dual citizenship and British passports used their British passports to enter Israel, and this illustrates, as those of us with dual passports know very well, that you MUST use your Israeli passport to enter the country. This makes it hard to believe the stories of Brits surrendering their passports for 20 minutes at BG so the Mossad could copy them.

"In May 2006, while visiting Israel, Moussaieff was detained at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. According to reports, Moussaieff argued with security personnel who refused to acknowledge her British passport and told her that she was obliged by Israeli law to enter and exit the country using an Israeli passport or face prosecution. When Moussaieff could not produce an Israeli passport, it is alleged that staff became rude and aggressive, asking her suggestive, personal and racist questions. Moussaieff reportedly responded rudely herself, saying, "This is about to become a serious diplomatic incident. This is why everyone hates Jews." Part of the incident was captured on film and shown on Israeli television. Since it involved the first lady of Iceland, the confrontation was a diplomatic incident.[4] The Israeli Embassy in Norway, which handles diplomatic relations with Iceland, later expressed regret over the incident but restated the law that Israeli citizens must carry Israeli passports when in the country.[5] Moussaieff has dual Israeli and British citizenship and acquired Icelandic citizenship on 31 July 2006."