Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spy Update

Has anyone heard of the return of Uri Blau? Way back two weeks ago when everyone was all agog about how Israel was blocking the media and persecuting journalists as part of a campaign to put an end to democracy, he was said to be holed up in London to protect his sources. Eventually Anat Kamm's lawyers announced that since she was his source, and she was interested in the documents she stole being returned to their owners, she was relinquishing her claim to his protection.

A day or two later that volcano exploded and it was hard to travel from London (this probably proves that the Zionists were not to blame for the event since it got in their way), but that excuse is growing a bit stale. So if anyone has heard that Blau came back and returned the stolen documents, please contact me, because it apparently happened while I was out walking the dog.


Anonymous said...

about 2 hrs ago I was asking myself the same question

- now I've got an answer
- he is at a beauty farm getting shaped up to look good and martyred for the media brouhaha he may be looking forward to.
after all if that's him it won't do, unkempt these days must do better than just natural - if that's not him simple shaping up won't do and he has to undergo some surgical enhancement


AKUS said...

I don't know where Blau is, but just received this link to an amazing video clip of some very well-known Israelis singing on behalf of children of illegal immigrants and workers who have outstayed their visas. Who knew that Yossi Sarid can sing!

"Anyone born in Israel is an Israeli"

"We are all immigrants and the children of immigrants"

"Children - you will be at home here!"

Great stuff.

A pity about the comment in English currently under the video clip, but there's always a party pooper somewhere.