Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Or so the saying goes.

I don't vote in British elections, and doubt they're really important for the history of the world these days, but since I follow both the Guardian and the Economist I sort of know who's who and such. Well, for those of you who don't follow such matters, the past two or three weeks they've been all agog about this new fellow, one Nick Clegg, boss of a normally unimportant party called the Lib-Dems, who is apparently really good at televised debates, and seems poised to be the spoiler of the election. I don't know much about him, and his party seems to be all over the political map depending on the issue, but I've got this vague felling that on the parts of the discussion that might interest me (Mideast policies, Afghanistan) he's probably not someone I'd vote for.

Today the Guardian endorsed him. Now I know this may make me look churlish, tribal, atavistic, primitive, irrational, mean, and generally unserious, but if the Guardian is for something, I'm against. Luckily for me, Normblog, a totally serious fellow who also happens to live in the UK and vote there, says the same - so I'm off the hook:
(5) The Guardian has come out for the Lib-Dems - and the Guardian is now a moral swamp, where poisonous vapours are allowed to circulate freely.


peterthehungarian said...

Baroness Jenny Tonge (the "let's investigate the IDF organ harvesting actions in Haiti" lady) is a Lib Dem. Clegg wasn't ready to remove her from the party after the scandal. Nicholas Blincoe a veteran ISM Israel-hater is a Lib Dem politico too.

Anonymous said...

but Nick Clegg has such an interesting great-great-aunt, surely that must count for something ;-)

annie said...

Nick Clegg and his party are pretty antisemitic and anti-Israel. See these 2 articles:

Tentacles, lobbies and the election


‘The power of the Jewish lobbies’

Anonymous said...

and had Israel not meddled the whole situation would be different today ;-)
the world is mad completely mad - Silke

"until Blair was finally driven from office in 2007. Strategically weakened by his own failure to condemn Israel’s invasion of Lebanon the previous summer, forced to say that this time he really would go after ten years in power, Blair was tactically undermined to the very end by Brown’s self-defeating scheming."

NormanF said...

Apparently, for the al-Guardian, the Labor Party government has been too soft on Israel.

That says it all.