Thursday, June 3, 2010

Abba Eban, 2040?

This is a continuation of my previous post.

Barry sends me a link to this You-Tube video, taken at an anti-Israeli demonstration in Los Angeles. Look at the teenager who stars it it: he's truly awesome. Eventually the camera team starts talking to him, and it turns out that given his young age, he's also surprisingly coherent and well collected. Just give him 30 years....


Anonymous said...

it is not only the young man who is terrific in there (I think the way he behaved there entitles him to be alled a man in capital letters)

for me almost as amazing was that the police held their ground and shielded him in such a relaxed fashion and that they needed neither shields nor helmets to feel that they could keep the crowd away from him

- Obviously the police in that US-city still have the kind of respect our policemen can only dream of or crowds in the US albeit all the screaming are much better behaved than ours are ever since the 1968ers came up with "Bullen sind Schweine"= literally bulls are pigs and taught everybody coming after them how to go after them.

(there was an incidence where a couple living on the second floor exhibited an Israeli flag in its wind while a demonstration took place below. Police went up and asked them to put it down - I guess their strongest motive was fear the crowd might get out of hand.)


Gavin said...

Well, on the subject of PR... it takes a youngster like that to show us how its done. That wasn't just brave, his demeanour and quiet & impassioned plea for fairness really did hit the mark. His parents can be proud of that one.

AKUS said...

I have sent that video far and wide - I think it already turned my Rabbi from a doubter to once again supporting Israel.

This kid is unbelievable - he reminds me of what the first generation of Israelis was like. Israel should fly him to Israel and give him a medal.

Anonymous said...

That boy is a hero!

Bryan said...

Of course, the bittersweet seed in the middle of this remarkable apple is that supporters of Israel in America still need a police escort, while "pro-Palestinian" supporters of terrorism can walk around unguarded because they know we would never harm them.

Is it wrong for me to want deep down inside for something bad to happen to one of those shrill American Hamasniks to put the fear of God into them?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Not only did the young man show guts, intelligence and manners, he also took the lead.