Sunday, June 13, 2010

Don't Lift the Blockade, Says.... Guess Who?

Mahmoud Abbas.

One of the points that Abbas raised is that the naval blockade imposed by Israel on the Strip should not be lifted at this stage. The European diplomats said Egypt has made it clear to Israel, the U.S and the European Union that it is also opposes the lifting of the naval blockade because of the difficulty in inspecting the ships that would enter and leave the Gaza port.

This can be read more than one way. The article would have us believe that Abbas is aware the lifting the blockade of Gaza will be a victory for Hamas, which is the last thing he wants. (Ditto the Egyptians). It's also possible, however, that Abbas is enjoying the damage the blockade is doing to Israel, and wouldn't want that to end, either.

The significance of the story is not that it won't be reported prominently anywhere else, but rather that it is being reported in Israel. There's a long-term and fundamental dissonance between how Israelis understand the world, and how it's routinely reported everywhere else. This dissonance is the cumulative result of decades of different narratives: the one about the world Israelis know they live in, and the imaginary fabrication most external observers tell themselves about.

(thanks AKUS)


Anonymous said...

the most unbelievable thing I came across yesterday was a straight faced looking piece in Haaretz, reporting without any BS-warning that Turkey wanted to take over the job of watch-dog for the borders of Gaza

- I couldn't read all of it, the image was more than I could bear

- the backing power of the evil attacker deems itself suitable for the job of security guard for the attacked i.e. to keep the potential back-up attacker from a repeat attempt at Israeli life and health?

The world is mad


Barry Meislin said...

The very same Turkey that insists it wants to arbitrate (fairly!) between Israel and Syria!


(And no doubt there are myriads who can't figure out why that might not be the most fruitful of ideas....)

AKUS said...

Check your header - there's a funny typo there ...

Anonymous said...

I had hoped no one would notice - it is such a (fitting) beauty

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the technicalities of it but apparently over at CiFWatch they are putting "We Con the World" on their website because YouTube is banning it.