Sunday, June 20, 2010

Let's Shoot Some Israeli Citizens

Says Mahmoud Al-Zahar. Nice of him.

He's got a whole series of codes in this short statement. Feel free to see how many of them you can identify, while I'm offline, and we'll make a full list later.


Anonymous said...

OT but so delightful it is a must read

the link is from a comment at CiFWatch - may all the angels of Justice assist NGO-Monitor, Mr. Steinberg and his helpers


"The Israeli watchdog group NGO Monitor is suing the European Commission for refusing to reveal which groups received $48 million in funds since 2005 “to actively work to demonize and de-legitimize Israel and fuel the Israeli-Arab conflict.” The suit is to be filed in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg this week."

Paul M said...

Al-Zahar is a gasbag, but behind his bravado and posturing is some serious meaning. Why would Hamas consider abandoning terror? They see Israel being forced to free their hands, while they surrender nothing. How does the Quartet propose to strengthen Abbas' position now? This is the world's gift to Hamas, and to the terror methods that will come back around to bite us all in the end. What a world of fools.

Barry Meislin said...

70-75 years back, Germany used the Jews to throw the world off-balance.

It's a recipe tried and true.

NormanF said...

As Barry Rubin observed, the consequences of Israel's caving into world pressure on Gaza will be to ensure NO Palestinian state will emerge in our own lifetime. That is the only blessing in disguise of the West's policy to protect the Hamas regime. And more suffering and another war are inevitable in the future.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you mean by "codes." :(

From Al-Zahar's point of view, everything he says makes sense. He sees terror as having achieved his political goals. What a horrific, evil man!


Anonymous said...

". . .elections, which were the most fair in the Arab world"

True that. But is he implying something?


Anonymous said...

we (Germans) made our mark at the latest in January 1933 - from then on it was clear to anybody who could read or listen, that we had become a rogue actor (at best)

but when we had the Olympics 3 1/2 years later the world decided to party with us - trying to get us back into the fold by reaching out to us?

Now it seems to me that they "reach out" to Turkey, the golden possibilities of Erdogan's diplomatic reach is too much for the commentariat

to read that will probably make decent Turks feel as left alone as decent Germans must have felt when the world came to pay hommage to Hitler.


Barry Meislin said...

Yes, I would imagine that secular Turks are feeling bereft and desperate.

As are the political parties in the Turkish opposition, whose only hope for political gain may well be (seeing that the anti-Israel animus fanned by the government has reached frenzied status) to show that they are more anti-Israel/Jewish than the AKP.

That is, if they're not "saved" the effort by the Turkish army, whose emasculated state leaves such a deux ex machina very much in doubt.

Anonymous said...

in the summer of 1932 Churchill was travelling Germany as a private man. In Munich he was contacted by a Hitler-man (Putzi Hanfstaengl) who asked whether he'd be willing to meet Hitler. Churchill said yes and that he was interested to hear from the man himself "Why is your chief so violent about the Jews?"
Nothing came of it, if it was because of that question or something else, Churchill never learnt. i.e. "it" was knowable already then ...

AKUS said...

Anyone who thought that easing the blockade would result in any other response than emboldening Hamas is naive.

Anonymous said...

I read Al-Zahar's quotes only now - if I translate it into office gossip I'd say off the cuff

that he is talking to the US i.e. that he (he himself?) is the one the US must negotiate with and if it doesn't he will let loose in US-area i.e. the West-Bank all the myriads of groups which are a lot more nutty than even Hamas is and which Hamas for the benefit of all is able to control not only in Gaza but also everywhere.

in short he sounds like any middle management guy who wants to recommend himself for advancement via direct sucking up to the very top of the food chain.


Sergio said...

This week I was astonished by a BBC documentary about a palestianian that gave up firing rockets, got an Israeli internet friend, was ostracized and then jailed by Hamas. I forgot the name of the journalist.

What amazed me even more is that he decribed the Gaza situation in a fair way,
even pointing out that after the 2009 operation the no. of rockets fired at Israel plummeted dramatically. This is rarely if ever pointed out. There is some hope for BBC after all.

Anonymous said...


I would like to search the BBC website to see if this documentary is available online. Can you give us some key words?

David E. Sigeti

Sérgio said...

Dear David,

The reporter, which was imprisoned by Hamas for a month for trying to defend the palestianian guy (Mohammed abu Muialeq) is called Paul Martin.


Sérgio said...

Dear David,

Here's also, from NYtimes about his arrest and making refs to the case. Still, I couldn't find a link to the doc.

Anonymous said...

for David and Sergio
cheers Silke

oh if it is from earlier this year then it should be this

and specifically probably this

Sérgio said...

Maybe the bbc aired the documentary by mistake. :) It's a sad story, but shows clearly how Hamas executes dissidents at will. Maybe because the journalist was arrested and had a taste of Hamas' humanitarianism, made the difference.