Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Peace in the Middle East

The Egyptian Actors Guild is seeking to punish one of its members for the crime of participating in a film with an Israeli actress.
The different professional associations in Egypt forbid any type of normalization with the Jewish state and strongly condemn any association member who challenges this demand.
Israel and Egypt have been at peace since 1978. Egypt has no territorial claims against Israel.


Anonymous said...

the Vienna Volksoper has put on a production of the Abduction from the Serail which is said to render the music adorable while cleaning out the "clash" of civilization thing as much as possible.

The difference for me is that the Egyptians bow to the demands of the Muslim Brotherhood openly while Vienna does it disguised as high art's "freedom" of expression.

it was my first opera ever;-(((

NormanF said...

The peace treaty with Egypt is a peace on paper only. The vast majority of Egyptians still hate the Jews and Israel.

4infidels said...

To whatever extent Egypt honored its part of the deal with Israel about normalizing relations, cultural exchange between peoples and ending its incitement...that ended as soon as Israel returned the last of the of the Sinai. At the first pretext, Egypt pulled its ambassador, fomented the same old hatred, allowed weapons into Gaza and worked to delegitimize Israel on the world stage.

Certainly the current government of Egypt is preferable to a Muslim Brotherhood Islamic state on the border, but make no mistake...Egypt, even under this regime, would go to war against Israel the minute it believes Israel is weak enough to be defeated, and would likely join in if others look like they are on the road to victory against the Jews. It is still the same dream of Arab honor, of leading the Muslim world, that motivates the "extremists" which also motivates both cultural and Islamist Muslims in Egypt to want to destroy Israel. And no government in the Arab world, could survive sitting out an opportunity to remove the Zionist knife from the heart of the Arab people, nor would any Arab government be foolish enough to sit by while its Arab rivals divided up the spoils in Israel.

Remember, Israel has quiet on its border with Syria and didn't have to give up an inch of land to attain it. In both cases, Egypt and Syria refrain from attacking Israel because they have calculated--that at the present time--the costs outweigh the benefits.

Bryan said...

Israel does have quiet on its border with Syria, a fact which would promptly change if Israel gave up the strategic depth and sight that the Golan provides. Hence, why the Golan should remain part of Israel, and why the Israeli government should make it explicitly clear that the Golan is going to stay part of Israel.

4infidels said...

In April, Egypt's foreign minister called Israel "the enemy."