Thursday, July 22, 2010

Diplomacy with Englishmen

The new British coalition - or at any rate, the larger, Conservative part of it - intends to change the law that has enabled private individuals to have arrest warrants issued against visiting Israelis. Once the change passes, there will be one less irritation to deal with and, more significant, one less platform for Israel's enemies to broadcast their ire from. This means one less way of creating the (anyway mostly false) appearance of Israel under siege. It will also mean that the UK will be able better to participate in the endless diplomatic moves involving Israel - and that's the motivation for tweaking the law.


NormanF said...

IF it passes. We've seen these promises before and nothing came of them. Whether the UK's Conservative government can deliver on changing the universal jurisdiction law remains to be seen.

Empress Trudy said...

Oh they will concoct a hundred other ways to persecute.

Sylvia said...

They'll have to change it, not for Israel but bacause it will soon start affecting their own officers and politicians, as soon as they withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Israel should rcercise caution dealing with Britain in matters of intelligence and technology sharing.

peterthehungarian said...

I don't believe a word of the British government.
When they will kick out the "fuck the Jews" Rowan Laxton from the FO, will dismiss the obviously anti-Semite ambassador in Jordan, the obviously anti-Semite ambassador in Lebanon, when they will stop to explain off the open anti-Semitism of some LibDem and Green Party parlamentarians, when they will stop appeasing their own and the international Islamofascists, when they will make serious steps to reform their justice system not allowing it to acquit violent anti-Semite thugs - then - and only then - will be possible to consider the UK other than an enemy of Israel and the Jews.

BTW in an Haaretz interview with the leaving British ambassador in Israel you can't find a word about these problems - in the Haaretz reality they don't exist at all.

Sérgio said...

Perfid Albion going down the drain.