Monday, July 12, 2010

IHH Kaput? PA Ascendant?

Silke informs me that the German government has just banned the German branch of the IHH - remember them? The kindly peace activists massacred recently by the war-mongering Israelis?

Haaretz has the story in English here.

I'm not certain how this fits into the overall tragedy which is the story of Man, but seen on its own, it's hard to see why it would be a bad thing.

Alex, on the other hand, wants me to note that the PA authorities are cooperating with Israel to the extent that Yuval Diskin, chief of the Shabak (Shin Bet) is having full-day workshops with his Palestinian counterparts on the West Bank. Here also, I can't say what this really means in the big picture, but seen on its own it can't be bad.

The Monoweiss brigades will inevitably cast this as proof the PA is collaborating with the colonial Israelis, thus putting themselves beyond the pale. But my skepticism comes from a different direction. Back in the 1990s it just so happened that I knew an Israeli Arab who was high in our security apparatus, and worked closely with his top PA counterparts. How great then was my surprise to learn that his political positions on the Israeli spectrum were considerably to the right of where I was: this isn't likely to lead to peace, he said, in spite of they way it's being cast by our leadership. Eventually he was proved right.

Still, we can hope this time it's different, can't we?


Anonymous said...

I am all for keeping up the workshops and the red carpets and anything that bestows honours on some and stays for free in beautiful resorts, as long as it is careful not to exaggerate the granting of legitimacy to the worst thugs, like combined German state TV (ARD and ZDF) recently did with a delegation from journalist murdering Iran. (Richard Landes has something "nice" to report about BBC-journalists's behaviour at CiFWatch also)


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AKUS said...

Oh dear - commonsense is breaking out all over.

What next?!

Anonymous said...

Aren't they a different group?

Anonymous said...

in the first days after the Flotilla all kinds of things were said including that the German one were the mother-group and Turkish IHH the subsidiary (not as unlikely as it sounds at first glance). Now the authorities have gotten hold of their files and computers, they may find out but I doubt that they'll publish publicly the exact nature of the connection to the Turkish outfit. Mr. Erdogan is after all a valuable ally of the "west" in the fight against eager to maim, kill and die Jihadists ;-(

So we'll probably never get to know a big picture. Anyway Milli Görüs, which again is together with them or not, is watched by the Constitution Protection outfit and hasn't been invited to the latest Islam-Conference.

Milli Görüs Amsterdam? on the other hand is said to be a really good outfit for the benefit of peace in the city whatever that means. They are a Muslim Brotherhood outfit but I'd bet that they have denied that on occasion also.

I could probably go on with bits and pieces like that forever. They like to pose as if they are united whenever they feel they may claim something has been insulted or demeaned or discriminated but as soon as charges are on the horizon they are all separate from eachother.

And as I learned recently Germany has the dubious honour of hosting the first ever foothold in a Western country of the muslim brotherhood - it's a fascinating story inter alia about "saint" Tariq Ramadan's father and President Eisenhower

To summarize I'd say whoever claims to know something definite beyond tiny bits at this point in time is bragging.