Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Offline, Leaving You with Friends

I shall be resolutely offline from now until next Monday or Tuesday. Here are a bunch of nice things to think about in my absence:

Queen Rania of Jordan has published a wildly successful children book about learning to live with people who are different. She is refusing to have it published in Hebrew. Jordan is at peace with Israel since 1994.

Norm has a story about the vitality of Jew Hatred in UK's polite elite society. I'd say it's quite a doozy, except it probably isn't: it actually sounds banal. The UK is at peace with Israel since 1948.

Finally, should you feel bored, you're welcome to visit the blog of Antony Loewenstein, an Australian Jew who fits easily into the Mondoweiss mold. I'm tempted to say that Israel has been at peace with Australia since 1948, but I don't think there's anything particularly typical Australian about Antony. He actually fits better into the tradition of Jews who can't stand Jews, and that's been going on for millennia.


Anonymous said...

one of Fake Ibrahim's most devoted yelping puppies named Gert with a blog called "Developing your Web Presence" seems to be quite a fan of that Loewenstein fellow - Gert is sometimes even for my stomach too much

BTW it happened that at Fake Ibrahim's blog somebody stole my newly acquired Google Account moniker "Silke" from my revived after a long long time Google account. So I'd advise anybody going to any of these blogs who uses any accounts from any social networks to make sure the same can't happen to them.

I've learned since the weekend that once such an account has been compromised it is a hell of a job for a non-geek to get rid of it completely. Mine was empty so just deleting looked like the easiest way out, however, there still seem to be residues. Google mentioned something about 2 business days, so I'll wait till the end of the week and if it still doesn't look pristine I'll start molesting their offices by phone. Amazing enough they haven't even provided for such an act of thievery in their help-pages, all they offer is to let you reset your password which didn't help in my case one bit.

Loewenstein requires an e-mail from those who want to comment, as I am not willing to trust him with my real e-mail I will have to establish some account somewhere for the purpose (Google being out of the question for the time being).

Could it be that "their" belief to be on the right side is so strong that they think even at least smelling of criminal behaviour acts like hacking into accounts is permissible for them?


Anonymous said...

IT is early morning where I live. I would like to thank you for starting my day with Normblog's story. IT made my stomach turn.

Have a wonderful Tzimer (I assume) weekend.


Anonymous said...

That Loewenstein Yaacov recommended has a post up that links to an FP-piece that contains the following sentence:

The International Committee of the Red Cross regularly visits Gaza's prisons.

it beggars belief - I ctrl-F-ed the piece, neither "gil" nor "shal" is mentioned.


Empress Trudy said...

Lowenstein is a crony of Mark Elf. And Mark Elf is slightly more antisemitic than Hamas

Anonymous said...

Who is Mark Elf?

4infidels said...

Do we know if Queen R published her book in Arabic, or is the message of tolerance just something that we English-speaking Westerners need to learn, given Islam's great tradition of tolerance, as Obama talked about in his Cairo speech?

She is doing nothing more than PR for the Arabs and Muslims, posing as this sophisticated, multicultural, advocate for dialogue and women's rights. She should remember that charity starts at home, given her husband's power and the absolute lack of improvement of women's rights in Jordan. Let's not forget the slave labor conditions that foreign workers suffer in Jordan, thanks to that country receiving most favored nation trade status with the U.S.

Queen R does nothing more than put an attractive, Westernized faced on an bigoted and primitive society just as her (deteriorating) beauty distracts from the ugliness, hatred and anti-Semitism in her heart.

RK said...

The article on Normblog is by Eve Garrard, not Norm himself.

The article says there are English and Arabic translations of the story, but it doesn't even say that she's accepted offers to translate it into other languages, much less that she's holding out on Hebrew because of a dastardly plan to deprive the Zionist entity of her story-writing talents. (I wasn't able to find any other translations after Googling.) Kind of seems like a tempest in a teapot.

Sérgio said...

When will Queen Noodles appear in the Jordanian al-Playboy magazine?

4infidels said...


Regardless, my negative view of Queen R has been formed over a long period of time and is not based on this story.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad and envy Americans

Ground Zero Mosque Gets Less Muslim-Invasion-Sounding Name

Gavin said...

I've come across numerous of Eve Garrards academics. There's a signature theme to them, mention of the Dalet plan always gives them away as an indoctrinee of Ilan Pappes distorted history & if you draw them out they'll start 'quoting' Ben Gurion. They're like cockroaches, western education systems are infested with them.

I think Jews in general need to establish their own narrative to combat the Pappe believers. They are very numerous and they're dangerous, ignoring or placating them is not the right approach.


RK said...

Dr. Lozowick, I don't know if you do requests, but I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the passing of Rav Yehuda Amital.

If not, do you have any reactions to this piece? I'm interested to learn more about the East Jerusalem Palestinians who are applying for citizenship: could this possibly mean an end to their longstanding practice of not voting in municipal elections?

Empress Trudy said...

To above: Mark Elf is the owner of an odious antisemitic website called Jews Sans Frontiers. Purportedly opposed to Israel it bleeds hate and stink. It also happens to be very popular with the far left and far right.

Anonymous said...

thanks Trudy

Jews Sans Frontieres is hailed as indispensable truth over at the Hasbara Buster, the host of which is an Argentinian who frauded himself into a common blog with Yaacov by claiming to be an eager to compromise Palestinian while on his blog he salivates at having successfully "defeated" "Zios". I think it were neighbours of him in Rosario who told Yaacov within no time whatsoever what a creep had played a confidence trick on him.
Right now he is still dormant due to the after effects of the World Cup but I've met one of his admiring yelping puppies at Richard Millett's Blog - their speciality is passing themselves off as deep and concerned thinkers (Greenwald style) capable of peddling lots of long words and this Gert at Richard Millett's resorts to open lying.


Anonymous said...

look at this:

How facts backfire

“Facts, they found, were not curing misinformation. Like an underpowered antibiotic, facts could actually make misinformation even stronger.”
this seems to be especially prevalent in “politically sophisticated thinkers”.

While you are on this thread a question:

what would your recent explorations of the law say about the Lybian ship (news say the ship has docked at ElArish but the map continues to look uncomfortably empty again). I guess once the ship had entered Egyptian waters Israel had to stay away from it but had to wait with any action until it entered Gazan/Israeli waters in case it would have decided to go on along the Egyptian shore. Which status of Gaza would have been more conducive to Israel's self-defence in a scenario like that? If you don't know out off hand, don't worry.

- btw Google news says the Canadians want to try it next. Nick Cohen in "What's Left?" seems to have it gotten right, "they" can't live without an equivalent of the Spanish Civil War and thus have no chance to ever become a new Orwell (which lots of them seem to try hard while at the same time strictly avoiding anything resembling independent thinking) and Israel molesting seems to be the best their under-imagination can find right now.


Gavin said...

I've read a few articles like that Silke. What the authors fail to address is the definition of 'fact'. They automatically assume the very dissonance they accuse others of, ie that the information they present are 'the facts' and that everyone will accept their authority in dispensing those facts. It is often the source of information which can determine whether that information will be accepted as fact or falsehood. It is shallow to put it down to mere beliefs, it's much more complex than that. Humans are pack animals for example, no alpha male will let another male assert dominance by accepting their 'superior' knowledge. It's about far more than just belief systems.

For those who get their information from the likes of Pappe, Said, Schlaim etc what they read are facts to them. Present them with your information and they deny that they are facts. What makes you more right than their favourite authors? What is fact? What is truth?

I don't know the legal issues there. Israel has no authority over Egyptian waters with the naval blockade but I'd hazard a guess they can stop the ship the minute it tries to sneak in from Egyptian into Gazan waters.

Cheers, Gavin

Sylvia said...

The ship has docked in El Arish yesterday and the Egyptian red crescent has transfered most of the aid to Gaza through the Rafiah crossing (Egypt-Gaza border) while other stuff was transfered through the Kissufim crossing (one of Israel-Gaza border crossings). The "humanitarians" are probably in Gaza, plotting the next move.
I think it was a bad mistake not to turn that ship away.

On related flotilla news, the bleeding hearts are lamenting the loss of parliamentary privileges by the Arab MK who was on the previous flotilla. Like you need a diplomatic passport to board a "humanitarian" ship. And as everyone knows she'll get them back after one single appeal to the Supreme court.

Others beside Israel would be under threat if weapons and construction materials of consequence (read: long range missiles and launch installations) were allowed to enter Gaza. Maybe they'll find a better solution or a way to eliminate the threat.

Anonymous said...


I read the article in support of what I seem to witness right now:
when the flotilla happened the commentariat jumped to ignorant conclusions that should make any journalist disgusted at belonging to that profession.

Will they now, that the English subtitled videos came out, scream with equal vigour the results of the commission thereby admitting how at best wrong and at worst evil they have been? (I haven't seen the videos yet but I trust from all I've read that my own conclusion from watching the first batch will be vindicated) My bet is that they'll bury it in devious and amibuous language.

This experience that seems to repeat itself over and over made me like the article. That all of these experiments are so narrowly focused that it is hard to see their usefulness is one story. that the commentariat likes to educate the public on them is another and in that respect the piece might come in useful in providing one with a nice polite way to insult them (always keep in mind, that they tend not to be as smart as you are, Gavin - no irony intended - just as a reminder that the kids in school who wrote the nicest pieces for the German teacher tended not to be the smartest in the more fact based areas)


Anonymous said...

I am hugely alarmed by the bleeding-hearts-brigade cozying up with the vile-dictator-brigade

Yesterday I found that our own ministry of development whose boss is such a great Israel friend (he once was in a Kibbuz) that he created an Israel bashing ruckus on a Sunday trusting that nothing other could his name help to become better known.
His ministry via one of these foundations that claim to live on donations until you dig deeper and see they are government financed is about to send a previously schooled by them
"FriedensFachKraft" (peace department power ;-))
to Bethlehem to do whatever those peaceniks do these days.

I lamented their doings thus:

"oh where are the good ol' times of the US peace corps when they sent language teachers to unis but not political agitators to wannabe underminers of state sovereignty"

The dominant area where I can see them synching with dictators is in hubris.

Yes lets hope that others get not blinded by their eagerness to get Israel hurt and realize that it is time to stop the Hamas-niks while it's still possible.

Do I wish the ship had been turned away, you bet! but I guess it wasn't possible for Israel to operate in the international waters before Egypt so ElArish may have been the best possible. And none of yours got hurt by specially trained thugs this time ...


Anonymous said...

here is the latest on German IHH from the normally strictly left Israel criticizing TAZ

any mention that German IHH is not related to Turkish IHH is missing, instead the piece weights the telling to emphasizing Milli Görüs' (the relative of German IHH) strong ties and obedience to Turkey.

I think it is a cause worth praying for that our clerks find incriminating papers, financial records and whatever else might come in handy in such numbers that Turkey may be forced into mending its ways.
They certainly seem to have been confiscating stuff wherever they could claim a right to do it.