Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tell Me Who Your Friends Are...

Two of the more prominent Israel-critics in the American blogosphere have come out recently with posts that ought simply put them beyond where reasonable people wish to be seen. Andrew Sullivan is now attacking left-wing journalists for not joining his odious campaign to be repugnant about Sarah Palin's son, and Philip Weiss talks about the Jews who control America's media in a manner which is frankly antisemitic, in its classical form of, say, 1920.

On second thought, you probably don't want to follow either of those links. I've posted them merely for the record.


Barry Meislin said...

None of this, alas, should come as any surprise.

They will destroy themselves with their insane hatreds.

(The problem is, as it has always been, who else will be sucked in?...)

Anonymous said...

but where there is evil, Assange surely belongs

Afghan leaks expose the identities of informants

Hundreds of Afghan lives have been put at risk by the leaking of 90,000 intelligence documents because the files identify informants working with Nato forces

Headline of the London Times of today as per their NL- it doesn't show as headline on their site except all the way down as 2nd most read.

Sad and life-threatening as it is, it is a promising angle of attack against do-gooders who hit the weakest in the game and though I must feel guilty for not having thought about friendly Afghans at all, how much more are Guardian, Spiegel and NYT to blame, professionals who had weeks to look at the stuff and never notice it? - never mind Assange, he is on my beyond the pale list, wannabe WeltBeherrscher (world ruler)


NormanF said...

The anti-Zios have made it clear they want Israel to disappear.

But none of the Jewish anti-Zios never do tell us what they really want to see in its place. You have to why consider there's no Arab model they can point that would be a qualitative improvement over Israel.

And they know it.

Anonymous said...

We already knew Andrew Sullivan is an idiot.

It's the commenters on the Weiss blog who are really scary.

I want in on the conspiracy! No one has ever invited me!


Anonymous said...

OT again
here's more of an excerpt from the UK-Times about Wikileaks do-gooderism

SIREN -- The Times of London p. 1, “Afghan leaks expose the identities of informants: US files contain names and locations of secret sources”: “Hundreds of Afghan lives have been put at risk by the leaking of 90,000 intelligence documents because the files identify informants working with Nato forces. In just two hours of searching the WikiLeaks archive,
The Times found the names of dozens of Afghans credited with providing detailed intelligence to US forces. Their villages are given for identification and also, in many cases, their fathers’ names.
US officers recorded detailed logs of the information fed to them by named local informants, particularly tribal elders. … A senior official at the Afghan Foreign Ministry, who declined to be named, said: ‘… It will further limit the US/international access to the uncensored views of Afghans.’ … The potential human cost of the leaks has added to pressure on the Pentagon to find ways to keep its secrets contained.”

--Josh Gerstein quotes former CIA Director Michael Hayden: "We're going to get people killed because of this."


Also, where has the wisdom of my first boss gone to? if you are involved in something illegal (and by Afghan standards I'd assume that telling is kind of illegal), never leave a paper trail

Anonymous said...

It is very depressing to read some of the Mondoweiss posts. I cannot believe some folks hate their own so much, they are willing to sacrifice them to raise themselves on a pedestal.

I wonder who Mondoweiss is trying to impress? One of my pet theories is that many males get sucked in to anti-war, touch-feely stuff to get a girl or a former mentor (professor?). Otherwise, they wouldn't care.

Regardless, every extreme on the internet falls somewhere in the middle, specifically, from the anti-semites, it usually falls far away from their world view - they just refuse to see it.


Empress Trudy said...

The comments underneath that posting on Mondo actually seem crazier than Phil's blather. That's like getting an eye roll from Hitler.

RK said...

Sullivan had been posting disgusting stuff about Trig Palin before he reached his current views about Israel. It would have been good -- more convincing, anyway -- if this post had been written then.

Rabbi Tony Jutner said...

As a confirmed anti-zionist, I can tell you what would take place of the apartheid zionist entity. It would be a free Palestine, from the river to the sea. The Jews would have to leave and pay reparations to the Palestinian people in order to assist with the Right of Return and the loss of tourist dollars due to the dismemberment of the zionist Disneyschmaltz. Jews could build their personal Jerusalems in Brooklyn, Minsk, or even San Francisco if they are willing to behave. Perhaps we could model it on Michael Chabons new book. Chabon is the true anti-herzl

Anonymous said...


as to reparations I vote for them to be paid multiple times
i.e. every nation who voted yes way back then at the UN (ooops that sure rhymes nicely) has to pay the full amount
i.e. every nation has to feel the full pain for herself and then of course their must be regular lump sums on top to make up for as yet undiscovered grievances.

Also you are guilty of discriminating against Ahmadinejad who wants Israel to relocate to Germany, I think Schleswig-Holstein has been talked about. But since that is a kind of peninsula between to seas it has been until recently extremely volatile, lots of population movement, lots of warring. I'd vote for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. I know practically nothing about their history, so it must be a very benign and peaceful area ;-)
It's a bit of a long word for a small area but it has a nice long Baltic Sea Coast and its fair share of Skin Heads in need of re-education to offer.

is this "your" Michael Chabon?

I see no books! - let alone a new book. Is he maybe a famous author without books?


Lee Ratner said...

Again, has anybody ever determined why we produce so many self-hating Jews?

perat said...

Tony, don't you think kicking the jews out of palestine would be "gasp" racist?? That is oppression and as a liberal jew which you clearly are, supporting that kind of agenda shows you how demented your anti-semitism truly is.