Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Human Rights of Palestinians

The parliament in Lebanon has just tweaked the laws so that the legal status of descendants of Palestinians in Lebanon has improved from outrageous to slightly less outrageous. The people we're talking about were born in Lebanon; the youngest among them are probably 4th-generation natives.There are no Palestinians under Israeli occupation (which means, in the West Bank) whose legal status is remotely as bad as of these hundreds of thousands of people.

Coincidentally, Elder of Zion has a story about the unfortunate legal status of the Palestinians in Egypt. I admit I hadn't been aware there even were any of them, but apparently there are, about 50,000 people, who have been there for decades but don't enjoy citizenship or many of its advantages. Elder has a second link to the matter, here.

Meanwhile, back under the brutal Israeli occupation, as it's often referred to, the Palestinians are busy building their state. Two of them, even. Of course, they aren't the kind of state any of you would wish to live in, but no, Israel actually isn't to blame. Certainly not in Gaza, where there's no Israeli governing authority at all, but also not on the West Bank, where the Israeli presence doesn't interfere with how the Palestinians rule themselves. Even The Economist doesn't manage to find a way to blame Israel.


Anonymous said...

here is our most trusted evening TV news on it

notice that Palestinians live in a "Käfig"=cage in Lebanon, not in a prison let alone a concentration camp which is normal usage for Gazans

notice that they have heartbreaking footage of Arab refugees and I swear not even with a word mention Jewish ones
btw Yaacov and consequently Elder are linked to lower down


Anonymous said...

me thinks here is somebody at Tablet outraged at Caroline Glick (so they've changed the name from first European city conquered to Park 51, wasn't there a real hip Studio something a long time ago.) and it is an Islamic center with a prayer room. If I'm not totally stupid the freedom of religion covers the prayer room. William Dalrymple who once upon a time had quite a screed on Israel in the Spectator tells us that we don't understand Imam Rauf because we are ignorant about Sufis.


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