Sunday, August 22, 2010

Inflamatory Mundane Matters

What happens when a government tries to force people off land they've been squatting on for decades? It depends. In England the squatters demonstrate but probably end up leaving, and no-one but the locals cares anyway. In Israel the squatters return again and again, backed by lots of outsiders who couldn't care what the law says, if it's Arabs they've got to be right and Israel has got to be wrong.

On a similar note, the French are deporting Gypsies (Roma) to Romania, even though both countries are in the EU so their citizens may live where they wish. In Israel such policies are cast as despicable.


Anonymous said...

I'd guess that anybody isn't allowed to take up residence anywhere he/she wants to. I'm sure that he/she is NOT allowed to work (employed or self-employed) anywhere she wants to, I think the UK was the the most generous in that respect and I am sure that the famous Polish plumber was not equally welcome in Germany.

i.e. I'm pretty sure that there is no full mobility except possibly for travelling and for the Euro in countries which have it and most likely in the others also.

Do you realise how many unemployed clerks of all levels we'd have, if we did away with rules and regulations dealing with foreigners? ;-)


Lee Ratner said...

Yaacov, if it makes you feel better; Americans and Canadians fight a lot between themselves about who to deport and not deport either.

The European governments are just manned by hypocrites. They persecute their own immigrants while using Israel bashing as a way to feel good about themselves.

Anonymous said...

are you trying to say that Americans do no chastising and that NIF is not an American organisation?


Michael LeFavour said...

In this video near 2:20 there is a clip about the HAMAS evicting squatters.

Anonymous said...

but Michael
they are Palestinians they can't do otherwise because Israel makes them do it. ;-)


AKUS said...

The version of this that I read said that the Roma (gypsies) or as they are now being called for PC purposes, "travelers", can come to France but they need a work permit if they stay longer than 3 months.

It will come as no surprise that for some reason they are unable to get the desired work permit ....

I guess they are overqualified :-)

NormanF said...

The Bedouin squatters are being forced off land on which they have no legal right to be - it belongs to the state. All countries routinely enforce their public land laws but only with Israel is that made to seem like its anything but a routine enforcement action that happens every day the world over.

Sérgio said...

Yeah, vive la difference.

Anonymous said...

I'd be quite surprised, if you didn't need a work permit from day one

for Germany my last stand is that the 3 months period applies to tourists only i.e. that's the period you can stay without applying for a residence permit, if you want to "tourist" longer than 3 months you probably need to apply for a permit.
(keep in mind that Americans got for themselves very different rules in Germany which didn't even apply to the Brits - which is kind of weird because the Brits are to these days the ones who are getting reviled as imperialists)

Residence permit and work permit are different but connected to the best of my knowledge so that you can't get a work permit without a residence permit.

If it should have happened that you have worked during your time as "tourist" that would mean that you have done something illegal which entitles the state to retribute.

I guess the above will again prove to Lee how terrible Europeans are when it comes to immigrants.;-)


Anonymous said...

Well to be far in the UK you have the concept of adverse possession which says if you have been in possession for many years then it becomes yours.