Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Israel Must Stop..."

Ali Abunimah, founder of Electronic Intifada and go-to Palestinian when the New York Times needs a Palestinian-perspective op-ed, responds via Twitter to the cold-blooded execution-style murder of four Jews earlier this evening, two of them women and one pregnant:
Civilian deaths are always tragic. Israel must stop using civilian settlers as human shields for the land it is stealing
Pernicious, isn't it. Nauseating. Read it repeatedly, and think through what he's saying.


Anonymous said...

just so you can see that Mr. Abunimah is a "moderate", here is the comment of my current "darling" whom I followed from Fraudster Ibrahim fortunately still silent blog to his new favourite hang-out.


When it comes to kill ratios, the Arab/Israeli ratio has been consistently above 10. In Leb II and OCL Israel excelled to about 100.

Bryan said...

Wait, that's the tweet you're upset about? I was much more enraged by this:
Imagine if it were "breaking news" every time an Iraqi, Afghan, Palestinian or Pakistani were killed. #übermensch

And for those of us who didn't get it, Mr. Abunimah provides context:
64 Kashmiris have been killed in two months by Indian forces. Has yet to be considered "breaking news." #settlers

I'm too busy gagging on my own bile to respond. Would someone else do the honors?

Sérgio said...

No news, it´s the quintessetial nazi style. They learned from the masters. Next, d´aprés Göring and Goebbels, they´ll deman compensation for the bullets used against those people.

It is still nauseating, though. But usually the palestinian so-called perspective is exactly that. Which makes me agree with what that rabbi said a couple of days ago.

annie said...

Bryan, you could respond that it's the anti-Israel haters themselves that cause the ignoring of Muslim-on-Muslim violence. If they would stop putting Israel under the microscope and magnifying every perceived "crime" against Palestinian "civilians" (i.e. terrorists) then Israeli victims too would not receive such headlines.

If they want attention for the Muslim victims of Muslim violence, they should stop concentrating on Israel and its imagined crimes.

Unknown said...

until Islam loves their children more than they hate the jews christian and and west how can there be peace. people forget they lost a war in 48, infact 3 million wiped out 200million, the arabs are still ashamed about that, even their so called arab friends dont help them look at the wall Eygpt has buils to keep palis out, i wonder why???

NormanF said...

This is the Arab Nazi attitude to the Jews.

This is the peace they have in mind for Israel: the peace of the grave.

The Arabs have give us their answer. Now Israel must reply in kind.

Bryan said...

IMHO, Israel should make it clear that "land for peace" works both ways. For every Israeli that dies at the Palestinians' hands, Israel should permanently annex 100 square miles of the West Bank, starting with the major settlement blocs, and then working through the important Jewish cities (like Hebron), and then finally eating up every square inch of empty territory until there's nothing left. Naturally, any non-Israeli citizens living on that land would not be offered Israeli citizenship. And when they run out of non-PA-controlled land, the PA will begin losing land.

That would give the Palestinians a buffer of about 57 Israelis to decide whether or not they want really want peace and a "stable, viable state" of their own.

Avigdor said...

100 square miles?! How big do you think the West Bank is, Bryan? :)

Annexation in the current climate is impractical. Borders are not really the issue, settlement is. Many Jewish settlements in the territories were founded out of defiance, in places where a Jew was murdered. If every time a Jew was killed 300 Jews in Brooklyn made aliyah and overnight created a village on that spot...

Barry Meislin said...

Borders are not really the issue, settlement is.

Victor, absolutely correct!!


Anonymous said...

I was my usual apathetic self about the(what only) four people murdered until I read this... I guess I should thank him.

Bryan said...

Victor: Mea culpa. I've never been good with units. Apparently (according to Wikipedia) the West Bank is 5,640 km2, not 5,640 mi2. Amend my statement to say "100 km2" and I stand by it. And obviously, in my plan, Israel would actively promote settlement on the annexed land. I thought that would be a given.

alyah@israel said...

wow. that is shoking. so-israel use its citizens in oder to what?provocate terrorists? how it is possible to be so cruel and perverted?

Barry Meislin said...

When the perverse and the paranoid accuse you of doing something (in this case using "human shields"), one should, instead of taking offense, realize that it merely reflects the way their minds work, the way they operate, the way they think, and the things that they do.

It is a clear example of a projection, on their part, that is, in fact, a reflection of their modus vivendi.

They can't help doing it---it's who they are---but we can at least make an effort to understand the mechanism in play.

In the current case, when a pro-Palestinian accuses Israel of using human shields and (hiding behind them), he is in fact describing the strategy of Hamas in Gaza, of Hezbullah in S. Lebanon, of Iran, and of Saddam's Iraq---viz., setting up rockets and missiles and headquarters and military R&D centers in cities, in schools, in mosques, in hospitals, etc., and daring their enemy to try to eradicate those rockets and missiles.

Or in the case of Iran, setting up nuclear plants and/or R&D centers next to cities.

Or in the case of Turkey, planting jihadis amongst peace protesters.

It's simply a reflection of the perversity that informs their miserable souls (though in our post-modern world, it seems most effective).


Alon said...

A key word in this post is
per·ni·cious /pərˈniSHəs/
Adjective: Having a harmful effect, esp. in a gradual or subtle way.

This clear Nazi-like tactic has an extremely
dangerous "gradual" effect on the global psyche.