Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Israel's Economic Success Bolsters BDS

The other day the BDS community worldwide gave a gasp of anticipation when for a moment it looked like Harvard had suddenly divested from Israel. Then somebody thought to ask the relevant fellow at Harvard, rather than speculate, and no. Since Israel has recently been re-designated from developing economy to developed one, it appears in a different part of the Harvard portfolio. (Goldberg's got the beginning and end of the story).

Am I allowed a moment of Schadenfreude? Like this?Or perhaps, slightly less fun, like this one, in which Guy Rolnick says that no, we're not yet Switzerland? (Who is, pray tell?).


Sérgio said...

The best weapon against those fools: success in their faces.

Anonymous said...

very practical action, if you know any blogs where BDS is a theme, friend or foe, link, copy and paste the Goldberg thing in maximum triumphalist attitude