Sunday, August 8, 2010


I'm shutting down for most of the week. Bye.


Barry Meislin said...

Gosh, I hope you didn't decide to participate in that Finnish Sauna Competition!

(I mean isn't Israel hot enough?)

Anonymous said...

whatever you're up to may it make you feel good


Avigdor said...

Are we playing "Where in the world is Yaacov?"

My guess is storm-chasing.

Anonymous said...

how about impersonating a nun?

the action may be or may not be followed here


Anonymous said...

Maybe he went chasing after that fellow in England?

In the meantime, a nice story


Anonymous said...

Der Spiegel's Henryk M. Broder has been visiting the "Dancing out Auschwitz" Grandfather
go to the original there he is with his wife also.


Anonymous said...

Richard Cohen on a book review in the Economist:

The book in question is a biography of Sayyid Qutb.

Anonymous said...

here's now the visit to the "Dancing Auschwitz" grandfather in English
the writer of the piece has btw probably single-handedly done more to teach Germans manners than all politicians' rhetoric and legal provisions combined.


The former Nazi extermination camp, which is now called the “Muzeum Auschwitz,” receives a few hundred thousand visitors a year. For the region surrounding the nearby Polish city of Krakow, Auschwitz is about as significant a tourist attraction as the site of Hitler’s mountain retreat at Obersalzberg is for the Berchtesgaden area in Bavaria.,1518,711247,00.html

Bryan said...

Silke: Is Hitler's mountain retreat a significant tourist attraction? Having never been to Bayern, the analogy is lost on me.

Anonymous said...

On guessing that Obersalzberg (Upper Salt Mountain) i.e. Eagle's Nest (weird that for Anglos they stick to that in German almost forgotten word, at least in decent German I'd hope) would mostly be visited on day trips by bus starting from other Bavarian holiday destinations I asked Google for offers of such trips and I got on first try 57.400 hits.
For what it's worth I asked with the same wording for Auschwitz and got 180 hits which is a bit unfair as Auschwitz is beyond day trip distance, so I asked for Berlin which is thanks to Autobahns within day trip distance from a lot of Germany and got 5.500. The only consolation is that asking for mad Ludwig's Neuschwanstein got me 436.000.
So by that totally unscientific investigation I'd guess that all over the south of Germany you will not find a town that can make it to the place in a daytour and where a tourist may show up where the local bus tourism guy will not have such trips on offer.

I must admit that I myself would like to see the stairs evil Adolf made Chamberlain climb up while watching him from above (I think they have been bombed out of existence) but how to prevent such a humiliation by an ill mannered foul mouthed nobody during a public event I haven't found out yet.

and here is local offer and I think Google translate should be able to do justice to the educational tone it applies which probably explains why mad Ludwig is still ahead

and as we are world-champion of remorse here is the site of the of course purely educational museum

how Henryk M. Broder very to the point says we are good at loving dead Jews ...