Friday, August 20, 2010

Protest the Zionist BBC Conspiracy!

Poor folks at the BBC. They invest so much time and effort in slanting the news against Israel, that when every now and then the facts are so stark that they can't, furious protests are launched against them for being pro-Israel. They recently had a program on the Mavi Marmara (Goldblog linked to it here) that wasn't condemnatory of Israel, and now the juice is flowing. I found this complaint particularly delicious:
Blackwell also suggested that the time of the screening was unfair. “Scheduling the broadcast during the evening in the first week of Ramadan, when many Muslim viewers were unlikely to be watching because they would be breaking their fast, [was unfair],” she said.
An astonishing lack of Muslim sensitivities, don't you agree?


Anonymous said...

when the Hamburg Mosque was forbidden one group leader said that it might easily lead to unpleasantness because it was so close to Ramadan

I guess if it is not Ramadan, there might be other reasons
but isn't it remarkable that recording devices for TV-programs seem to be unkown to Muslims? ;-)


Anonymous said...

The timing and content are a rather striking inversion of the airing of anti-semitic programing during the day time fast by Arab channels. As such it is of course horribly insensitive. Although in the case of BBC executives, it was probably just simple cowardice. I wonder if the Manchester offices willget smashed again?

Bryan said...

Sounds sensitive to Muslim interests to me.

AKUS said...

Very insensitive timing by the BBC.

In many Arab countries it may have disrupted viewing of the ever-popular anti-Semitic Ramadan series, "Horseman without a Horse", perhaps showing as a double feature after the wildly acclaimed made for screen version of "Protocols of the Elders of Zion".

Sérgio said...

Truth and facts usually hurt "sensitivities". That´s why "sensitivities" are not good guides for truth. Usually, when people reach adulthood, they get over this "sensitivities" crap. However, these days, infatilism is at the peak. Just turn on the TV.