Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lawfare Wolves Circling

This was inevitable: the Lawfare folks are now calling for a "Gaza style inquiry" on Afghan civilian deaths.

The Goldstone Report was such a smashing success, you see.


Anonymous said...

with the labour market in dire straits in lots of places creating jobs in and around international jurisdiction seems a promising endeavour to me ;-(

Not so long ago I read a piece I think in the NYT how the accused at The Hague are kept in setting the standards humane conditions including conjugal visits with the spouses adequately quartered while away from home.

So enlarging the operation would provide jobs even down to the hardly getting paid the upkeep level ... and that is to be welcomed unreservedly ;-)

Maybe one should consider though to establish the courts in the countries hardest hit by the "crisis". Except for Iceland and Ireland the weather tends to be better there also, something the prisoners and their entourage certainly is entitled to.


Gavin said...

Afetr the shambles they made of the flotilla report they might have been wiser clamming up for a while. I've just been reading through the report and while it followed the path I expected it would they really have made a huge blunder with it, hopefully the Israeli legal people will pick it up and take it as far as they can.

For those interested the report reads like a drunk rambling, it is appallingly incompetent. They've veered off the Goldstone line of argument and used the proportionality argument to declare the blockade illegal. Their blunder, and it's a major mistake, is they haven't established a constant from which to measure proportion. Disproportionate to what....?

I expect Israel are counting on the other UN enquiry to be more forgiving but this is quite a good opportunity to attack the abuse of the legal processes and the contempt with which these people obviously hold international law. Any lawyer worth their salt should be squirming with embarassment for their profession after reading that report.


Empress Trudy said...

It depends. If they pick on Germany or the UK they have a good chance of success since neither state will fight back. If they prosecute Canada, Australia or the US, not so much.

Unknown said...

@Gavin: not very likely, Israeli legal people are "frayerim" or at least incompetent when it comes to international law.