Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mondoweiss is the Enemy

If you ever thought Mondoweiss' rejection of Israel starts from pacifism and an aversion to militarism and wars, think again. Philip Weiss has just published a paean to a Palestinian sniper who shot 11 Israelis in 2002. It's quite simple: Weiss is an enemy of Israel. Not a critic, not allergic to Israel, an enemy at time of war.


Anonymous said...

I'm against violence as much as anyone on this site
he writes that after he has been practically salivating all over my keyboard paragraph after paragraph about the sniper - note how careful he is to call the civilian a settler

here is a comment from the great man himself, sounds like he really knows it all in minute details. One time Ofra is a flagship settlement, whatever that is, and then it is a separate settlement, again whatever that is.

Philip Weiss September 25, 2010 at 10:26 am
Kathleen, I’m not sure about the use of that road; but I believe that Palestinians can also use it– people with white licnese plates– as we were on roads near it that people driving to Ramallah were on. I think the Israelis only roads are generally in settlement blocs, and Ofra is not a settlement bloc but a separate settlement… Phil

here is another quote from one of his lunatic commenters:

as the settler state is taken apart like an expert mechanic does a bad engine.

They are not only careless peaceniks, they want to see their own "taken care of" - lying hypocritical, thirsting for blood, cowardly scum, that's what they are.

Only yesterday or so I read an over the top praise of Weiss from somebody I wouldn't have expected from. I wish I could remember where it was, but then came the story at Goldberg's that J-Street-Finance-transparency is a bit in need of unveiling.

instead of revelling in Hemingway-style romantics "has the earth moved?" he should read a more sober historical novel:

First Sikh War 1845-46 (page 344) - George MacDonald Fraser, Copyright 1990
"But the best reason for murdering the Khalsa was that if enough of the brutes had escaped, the whole beastly business would have been to do again, with consequent loss of British and Sepoy lives. That's something the moralist overlook (or more likely don't give a dam about) when they cry: "Pity the beaten foe!" What they're saying, in effect, is: "Kill our fellows tomorrow rather than the enemy today." But they don't care to have it put to them like that; they want their wars won clean and comfortable, with a clear conscience. (Their consciences being much more precious than their soldiers' lives, you understand.) Well, that's fine, if you're sitting in the Liberal Club with a bellyful of port on top of your dinner, but if you rang the bell and it was answered not by a steward with a napkin but an Akali with a tulwar (Sikh sword), you might change your mind. DISTANCE ALWAYS LENDS ENLIGHTENMENT TO THE VIEW, I'VE NOTICED. (emphasis mine)"


Anonymous said...

I found it - I think the guy may be a star at Vanity Fair's :
Vanity Fair Is Fundraising For Mondoweiss

Named after its founder Phillip Weiss, Mondoweiss (co-maintained by Adam Horowitz) is one of the most invaluable sites in the blogosphere, A BLAST OF SANITY AND MORAL SUASION against the prevailing demonization of anything and anyone perceived as anti-Israel….(emphasis mine)


NormanF said...

Ya'acov and are you really surprised?

What the anti-Zionist critics of Israel want is not peace but war and they gladly celebrate the murder of Jews as a means of ridding the world of Israel.

Don't think that because they speak in a more erudite language, they don't harbor the same sentiment as Iran's Ahmedinejad. They do.

He is just more honest than them.

Sylvia said...

Glorifying the murder of Israelis. Falk, Finkelstein were denied entry for a lot less than that.. Any individual in Israel would be entitled to have him served with papers at any port of entry for incitement to murder. Not to mention the victims' families. Take every bit of that blood money they raised and more.

It's worth a screen capture and even as many of them as possible - just in case.

This is well beyond being critical of Israel.

Let's face it: these people keep killing the father who gave them their names Weiss, Greenblath, Horowitz, Blumental... Nothing to do with politics and everything to do with dysfunctionality.

Imagine raising those snakes in your home. Or worse, being married to one. Ekhhhh!

Menachem Mendel said...

I was on guard duty that day at an army base near Beit El. On the Army frequency that I was on, fragmentary information was broadcast from time to time. It was only later that I found out the full extent of what had happened.

Y. Ben-David said...

Important to remember that the phony "pro-Israel" organization J-Street invited Phil, Richard Silverstein and other Israel-haters to run a session at their last "national conference". With "pro-Israel" people like these, who needs enemies?

Anonymous said...

I checked their "free-debate" rules, they are a scam. Their list of what entitles them to exclusions is so vague and so comprehensive that they'll always find good reason. They must enjoy being adored absolute rulers quite a bit.

Le blog c'est moi

As they block the IP-address I guess one gets a one chance only, so setting up a blog like CiFWatch is futile.

The impression they create thereby is that they are really fighting the desperate rearguard that has to resort to extreme measures to protect their right to say anything. That is rather smart. If you create huge defenses, that implies better than a lot else that you are under vicious attack.

Amusing to read though is, that by their rules darling Alberto/Ibrahim would be banned, while he'd be still free to comment here should he chose to.

Would it be a lot of trouble to set up "commenting Mondoweiss" offshoots as sub-departments from this site? (with or without the Mondoweiss-admirers allowed to battle it out?) What "we" write here in the comment section is, as much as it feels like a relief sometimes too much of an insider-job? Anyway we should maybe start a brainstorm on how to comment on their stuff in any way WE chose, funny irreverent offensive and most of all off-topic. I for one'd like to fantasize what really draws brave freedom fighter Philip to "For whom the bells toll" (in my schooldays it was hotly recommended because of its explicit sex talk ;-)"

BTW all the nutters' blogs I looked at are all censoring and it is rare that one of "them" (blogger or not) shows up on a free speech blog for any length of time.

Let's think about how to get back at them!!!

My experience to date has shown me that arguing (bullet-point-throwing as Nick Cohen calls it) only leads to them coming up with even more abstruse stuff. Ridiculing works! "We" seem to be a lot better at funny than they are but it seems to be unsatisfying to my male "brothers". Somehow they don't seem to relish the moments when "they" withdraw to tend to their wounds as much as I do, they seem to need to witness "them" to admit defeat.


Anonymous said...

thanks for reminding far-away-me how close by it is for all of you.
and all the compassion I am capable of for what you had to live through on that day.


Anonymous said...

somehow I think Mondoweiss should learn something from this - it seems they at least had the moral backbone to stop harassing their own when they found out who their own were

A married couple have revealed how they turned their backs on their violent neo-Nazi past – after discovering they were both Jewish.

The one-time skinheads grew up as part of a hate-filled white power gang in Warsaw, the capital of Poland and once the site of the largest Jewish ghetto in Nazi-occupied Europe.

But now they are devout members of an Orthodox Jewish synagogue.

peterthehungarian said...

Weiss is not alone he's only more vicious like these:

peterthehungarian said...

sorry "more vicious than these:"

Anonymous said...

I saw the two you linked to - I won't honour them with a click

however, I found special at this Mondoweiss-piece that he is practically salivating with eager anticipation by the image of Jewish ooops Israeli blood being spilt.

that in my book is sick in any context like Peter Ustinov harping away to Rome burning? - to go to that with your own i.e. where surely there may be even some distant relatives or friends of friends be found is beyond sick.


Bryan said...

It seems to me that people like Weiss are the product of a poor Jewish education aided by a whopping portion of self-hate for other reasons. Most of these people are aware that they're Jewish, but their Jewish education consists entirely of Fiddler on the Roof and Schindler's List. The only Jews they know are shtetl-Jews, and the only way these shtetl-Jews survive is through the aid of helpful goyim like Schindler. Jews, to them, are a nation of Tevyes and Woody Allens who never defend themselves and are unique because they never defend themselves. No wonder they're horrified by Israel daring to prevent her sons and daughters from being murdered at random.

They know nothing about David and Solomon, the Maccabees, the bar Kochba revolt, the Israelis, or, in fact, any example of Jewish sovereignty.

Anonymous said...

or maybe it is even simpler than that, they are sucking up to the mighty which in this case in their perception seem to be the goyim PC mainstream and say what they think these expect of "good" Jews. Better ingratiate ourselves now to be prepared ...
that it has never made much of a difference is no reason to start doing your own thinking.

Here is Nick Cohen reviewing Tony Blair's book and describing who are all those who meet to protest the book - seems Mondoweiss believes himself to be at home amongst them


Bryan said...


I understand where you're coming from, but I think that the genuine glee that erupts from folks like Weiss when Jewish blood gets spilt can't just be ascribed to wanting to kiss up to the "goyim PC mainstream." I think that that glee is very real, not a sham put on for goyisch eyes.

On the one hand, I know plenty of Jews who have a similar Jewish background (in short, who know "To Life" better than "Hatikvah" or the Amidah), but they do not demonstrate the same visceral loathing for Israel as folks like Weiss and Richard Silverstein. I think that that kind of self-loathing comes from somewhere else, but that a good Jewish education and a strong Jewish identity are a relatively good immunization to whatever causes it.

Soccer Dad said...

One of those killed by the sniper, was Yochai Porat, a medic. In any other circumstances, targeting a medic is a war crime. Nice to know who Weiss reveres.

Lee Ratner said...

Bryan, I agree with you. I refer to this as the Cult of Jewish Weakness. Many of the Jewish anti-Zionists, even the so called religious ones, do not like Israel and Zionism because it involves Jews doing activities that they view as un-Jewish, particularly those relating to violence. They want Jews to be perpetual victims rather than people who take initiative and defend their lives and the lives of their fellow Jews against those that would slaughter us.