Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Something about the Northwest

Michael Totten has a report from the Golan Heights you ought to read. The thing about Michael is that he lets folks tell you about their world, in their words, without editing them so as to fit the template he wants you to think in. Ironically, this rather simplistic way of doing things - no self-respecting journalist or newspaper editor would be caught dead doing it that way - results in a complex picture of reality that's much better than the one the professionals would foist on us.

Meanwhile, a bit further to the north of Michael (he's in Oregon), David Brumer seems to be organizing the locals to confront their BDS neighbors. So if there are any readers of this blog from the Seattle area, this is for you. Ah, and if you wish, you can send my regards to Richard Silverstein, too. I'd do it myself but he's banned me from any channels of communications an account of my disagreeing with him on stuff.


Michael W. said...

Richard Silverstein banned me from commenting on his website also - for the same reason as yours.

David Brumer said...

As many of us have learned, Silverstein brooks no real dissent from his party line.
--I should add that the Seattle Anti-Delegitimization Task Force statement was sent out to all the Rabbis in Washington State, imploring them to read it--or some portion/version--from the pulpit at some point during the High Holidays. Many have agreed to do so.
david brumer