Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things in the Intertubes

Michael Oren gave a speech (three times) on Yom Kippur, and lots of folks are trying to decode it. You can, too: here it is. (Me, I'm not decoding).

Jeffrey White has a new study about what will happen if Israel and Hezbullah have another war. Save, and check his accuracy after it happens, I fear.

The Muqata has dug up an old one about the season we're in. It's worth your time.


Sylvia said...

It appears that Uri Blau, like Anat Kamm, is getting off the hook. He cut a deal with the prosecution who promised not to have him arrested at at the airport in exchange for his promise to return more of the secret documents given to him by Anat Kamm.
As predicted.


Anonymous said...

@ Jeffrey White: I fear too :-(


Anonymous said...

contains perfect "ammunition" for comments of the "why always Israel" or "no Jews, nobody cares" kind

contains also some French Bashing which is noteworthy

read it, its a small but perfect "treasure trove" - and no hint of Goldstone investigating whatsoever.



Justice Undone

I was Kofi Annan's envoy to Africa's last colony. Why I resigned in protest … and why I've decided to speak out.

Anonymous said...

as outrageous as it is

given the choice between retrieving important documents and seeing Uri Blau in shackles I'd vote for getting the documents back into safety and leave it to the public to call Uri Blau names.

yes I know that means that unlawful even treacherous behaviour is condoned, even rewarded and it may even be that the country would be better off, if the documents were published, but I still vote for government being allowed to protect its secrets. I can't prove it but would bet on it that weighted overall government secrecy does more good than bad, especially if war is such a probability.

As to the complaint that too many documents are getting classified the clerk decides in the here and now with no knowledge of what will happen in the next hour and I'd rather he/she errs on the side of caution.