Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BDS Stories

The efforts of the BDS gang in Quebec seem not to be succeeding. They managed to convene 100 people in Montreal, some of whom must have been the non-local instigators.

Remember the disaster in Haiti? It's still there, getting worse again. The Israelis are also still there, doing their best.

A while back I wrote here about a team of researchers at Haifa University who are making some impressive advances in the war on cancer. Well, apparently they've got some local competition; this story seems to be about a totally different research team. Technion, not Haifa University. Same city, different school. Same war on cancer, though.


NormanF said...

Those who hate Israel leave nothing but destruction behind them.

The Jews improve the world and save lives.

The same movement that began with the Nazis and continued with the Arabs is destined for the trash can of history.

Anonymous said...

The Pacific North West of the US has seen some of the most active BDS activity in the last couple of years. This must really drive them up the wall!


Anonymous said...

on the other hand Canadians have a Buycott site

let's hope that that is the kind that gains ground despite the fact that it must be close to two years that I've found "Carmel" or something like it at the supermarket and thus have occasion to send an e-mail of praise to their headquarters.


Sérgio said...

I´d really love to see one of these scoundrels of this BDS crap get a terminal cancer just when an Israeli team makes a treatment breakthrough on exactly his type of cancer. Will he/she go to the land of evil Zionists for treatment? You betcha!

Sylvia said...

Speaking of Carmel...
Here is a video of an Israeli wine boycott in Toronto that turned sour (for the boycotters).
I thought there might be one or two people who haven't seen it yet.