Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lee Smith Defends Avigdor Lieberman

A number of readers have been a bit peeved at me for criticizing our Foreign Minster, Avigdor Lieberman. I think, and have said, that he's a disaster, even though much of what he says is actually either true or at least reasonable. As everyone knows, however, telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth may be fine in a courtroom, but it's not a reasonable way to get through life. Politeness, for example, includes an element of fudging the truth. So does education, governing, and lots of other activities. Diplomacy, too. Lieberman is a terrible diplomat, and Israel would be better off with with more Michael Orens, not fewer of them.

Lee Smith, however,a non-Jewish journalist who isn't supposed to be a diplomat, can explain why much of what Lieberman is saying is quite reasonable.


AKUS said...

"“The State of Israel has reached the height of fascism,” says Haneen Zoubi,"

Yes - Israel really, really, really exceeds the excesses of Nazi Germany. In fact, one cannot imagine in all of history a state more fascist than Israel.

I'm amazed that she wants to stay there.

Barry Meislin said...

Telling the truth in these benighted times is indeed comtemptible.

(Unless, of course, one acknowledges----and has any regard for----what Orwell said about the matter.... but then Orwell seems to be increasingly quoted by progressive moralists....whose main goal, it seems increasingly clear, is to misrepresent Orwell....)

As for Zoubi and her infinitely talented side-kicks, they provide some of the best political comedy available on the world stage, and ought to be appreciated as such. A shame that Lieberman is so enamored of the truth (or certain truths) that he cannot bring himself to do so.

(File under: "Tibi or not Tibi..."?)

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that she wants to stay there

not only that but to the best of my knowledge she is still alive and kicking - but come to think of it that must be proof that Israel has found new, secret and soon to be reveiled in all their glorious heinousness ways of doing "fascism".


(File under: "Tibi or not Tibi..."?)
that one should go viral

NormanF said...

I don't agree with you.

I prefer the sincere and honest person to the person of flattery and lies.

Its says something about you Ya'acov, that you don't appreciate an Israeli Foreign Minister who has the courage to say what needs to be said to the world.

Whether it likes it or not.

Anonymous said...

though I like Lieberman because I perceive (or want to perceive) him as a fresh new voice I have no way of judging NOW whether this switch to "in your face" will in the end be to the good or the bad.

Maybe Lieberman is a kind of "Black Swan" in the context of a western style democracy or he is the first of a new Zeitgeist or his misbehaving by diplomat's standards does harm. I think only hindsight will be able to tell - in the meantime I relish the breath of fresh air that comes from him.

here's an example of support for Lieberman's style from a non-diplomatic corner:

Last week, at the very moment I was writing a column praising Apple for its plain way with words, Steve Jobs was entering into an e-mail exchange with a young woman that took plainness to a whole new level.


Anonymous said...

17/10/2010 Gury Alfi on Matzav HaUmah: Giving the Foreign Office to Avigdor Lieberman is like giving Anna Frank a drum set.
I'm still trying to decide weather to laugh or not.

Anonymous said...

I find the comparison to Anne Frank gross and tasteless

the young woman is not fit to be made the target of cheap wannabe clever laughs - nobody with her fate is

i.e. I refuse to trust or even have a second glance at anybody who is so ill-mannered and callous