Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Free Speech for Opposing Opinions

Queen's University Belfast has dis-invited Professor Geoffrey Alderman, at the last moment, from a panel he was previously invited to participate in on the topic of the conflict in the Middle East. There are hints in the story that critics of Israel who are on the panel refused to appear alongside him: they can't be sullied by having a supporter of Israel in their midst.

CiF Watch has the story, with various links; Jonathan Hoffman seems to be on site.

I regularly give voice to folks I intensely disagree with; frankly, it seems to me that listening to them bolsters my own positions. Apparently not everyone feels the same.


peterthehungarian said...

You should understand them Yaacov.
Being intellectually inferior is one thing - openly demonstrating and proving it is much more inconvenient...

Barry Meislin said...

No one, no one, must be allowed to disturb the two-minute hate.

Anonymous said...

CiFWatch has a follow-up - Alderman thinks/hopes he can fight it via the government funding for the uni angle