Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Destroying Empty Homes

The other day Achikam and I were revisiting some of his stories from the Gaza operation of January 2009. He remembered a case where one evening his tank unit was supposed to give support to an infantry unit which was supposed to move into two nearby high-rise buildings and take positions on their roofs, which offered a commanding view of the area. Once the infantry arrived, however, they learned that the buildings were booby trapped, and the tank crews received new orders: to knock down both structures from afar, as tanks can do and infantry can't.

I never took the Goldstone Report and tried to align any of its particular stories with that one, but it might be possible. Or you might be interested in this article, from the lifestyle section of the Guardian, back in those days, talking about how horrible that there were destroyed buildings in Gaza. The lifestyle section.

Now compare that to this mostly matter-of-fact report about how the Americans in Afghanistan are systematically knocking down homes not necessarily because they're booby-trapped, but because they're empty. (And they're using the air-force to do it, in some cases). Is this because America is uniquely evil, or because war is hell?


Menachem Mendel said...

Here's another example. Remember the few cases when some organs were taken without consent at Abu Kabir? Well, it seems that the UK government had been doing that for years, not for science, but in order prevent any prying into their nuclear energy industry.

Sérgio said...

Well, can one expect honesty and accuracy from the antisemitic guardianistas? Nope, lying about Israel is their lifestyle and raison-d´etre. Euro-trash tout-court.