Sunday, November 28, 2010

Does Beauty Pay?

Two Israeli sociologists experimented with job applications. They submitted near identical pairs of applications, some with pictures others without, some with pictures of attractive folks, others of regular types. The results were not at all what you'd expect.


Anonymous said...

Spoiler alert!
They found attractive females are called back less often the plain ones. But attractive males have an advantage. This is based on photos sent with a resume. An interesting result.

The study didn't answer whether 1) a photo made a call back more likely, and 2) who was more likely to be hired if he/she got to the interview.


Anonymous said...

I wonder at the photos of attractive females?
how did they make them look into the camera: enticing or professional?

It may have changed in the last 6 years but until then the old saying that a man is believed and a woman has to prove it (competence) still applied. ... but maybe that's only us Germans.