Thursday, November 18, 2010

NIF and Boycotts of Israel

Jeffrey Goldberg is having a discussion with the NIF about their tolerance of boycotters among their grantees. They're using weasel words to justify what I suppose they'd call a "nuanced" position; Jeffrey correctly has no patience for nuance on the matter. Faced with his stark position, however, the NIF deploys additional weasel words.

It's not pretty, what's happening to Israel's radical Left.


Anonymous said...

here's what NIF's Naomi Pass said:

here's Yaacov's answer which to the best of my memory "deserved" no answer:

I'm puzzled however by a comment you've just made, about how "Israel is not behaving as a liberal democracy in so many areas. We work to try to correct that."

Do you have any evidence for this puzzling statement? For the life of me I can't imagine what it might be, since the statement is not true. Flat, black-and-white wrong, with nary any wriggle room. It's simply calumny.

What is true however is that the NIF and its grantees, by eagerly disseminating this falsity, are defaming the state of Israel, and are eagerly being cited by our many enemies.

Concerned Zionist Jew said...

It is truly frightening what is happening to the Anti-Zionist/Jewish Left. Take a look at this blog entry by an American anti-Zionist Reconstructionist Rabbi who approvingly links to an article where an Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade terrorist is lamenting the reduction in "effective armed resistance" (i.e. suicide bombings) against Israel. THIS IS A CONGREGATIONAL RABBI WHO BRINGS THIS QUOTE!