Thursday, December 2, 2010


Stuff I found here and there:

The British are moving towards ridding themselves of the idiotic law which means Israeli politicians can't travel to London. Apparently the Brits don't enjoy being out of the loop.

Someone in the Jerusalem municipality approved another stage in the process of building hundreds of apartments in East Jerusalem. In this case, Pisgat Zeev. Even according to the Geneva Initiative maps, they'll be built inside the Israeli line. So naturally, the usual suspects are all agog.

The Education Ministry would like to encourage young Arab Israelis to spend a year or two doing civil service in their communities at the age their Jewish counterparts are in the military. So they offered a higher salary to those of them who then turn to teaching. There's a public uproar, and the ministry may have to retract its decision: the Arab leadership sees this as a conspiracy against Israel's Arabs. I spoof you not.

The Turks are convinced the Wikileaks leak is an Israeli conspiracy. How else to explain that Israel isn't hurting, while the Turks are? (Hint: Israeli politicians tell American diplomats the same things they say in public).

Anne Herzberg tells how the ICC isn't good for Israel. At the bottom of her article you'll find a link to a valuable report on Lawfare. 80 pages, alas, but apparently important.

Norman has dug up an article from 1976 about the antisemitism of the Left. As the Good Book says, there's nothing new under the sun. Henryk Broder wrote a fine book about this in the mid-1980s, Der ewige Antisemit, which means The Eternal Antisemite. Alas, it doesn't seem to be in English, but if you're not Germanically-challenged, I recommend. The phenomenon did not start because of those apartments in Pisgat Zeev.


Silke said...

as to the Brits seeing reason, Daphne Anson has a post that suggests that the British nuttery may be replaced or has been replaced by an even worse one from the EU. I don't quite get it, it sounds kind of improbable and I never heard of it, but maybe somebody else can make sense of it:

one Jacob Heilbrunn who seems to be a somebody in American journalism thinks it is a plot of the US - seriously!

Also at Daphne Anson there is a very good text by Broder from 1981 which isn't on the net and which is in English - scroll down a bit

Sylvia said...

OT - forty dead in an uncontrolable fire devasrating as we speak the Carmel area in Haifa. Entire villages, Thousands of students from Haifa U. and prisoners evacuated.

Silke said...

oh my Sylvia

on another blog I read that the fire has four sources - let's hope it wasn't arson and if it was they get them.

peterthehungarian said...

Starting the process of changing the British law has provoked an article in the Guardian by a Nicholas Watt - its chief political correspondent:
The headline: Amnesty International say police bill will let war criminals go free.
Under the headline a portrait of Zipi Livni.

British left anti-semitism at its best....

Silke said...

Joshua Rozenberg (husband of Melanie Philips) writes about it here - from what I understand, no seeing reason underway - as I get it, the main point is to get "them" arrested even if there is not a chance of a prosecution which for me seems to translate to undermine the innocent until proven guilty concept. Just imagine Tzipi Livni arrested and the ball the MSM would have and how to the back pages they would relegate it when she'd be released.
Universal Nonsense
Campaign groups lost no time in condemning government plans intended to protect foreign visitors from being arrested on charges that will never come to court. Their concerns are fundamentally misguided.

Y. Ben-David said...

Here is an excellent piece by Benny Morris explaining why there is no possibility of an Israel-Palestinian peace agreeement, and further, why there can be no interim agreement nor a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from parts of Judea-Samaria. Finally, FINALLY, people are beginning to realize the truth that the "peace process" is a fraud, and that the Arab-Israeli conflict is a zero-sum game because the Arabs have defined it as such:

Lee Ratner said...

Wasn't there a book on leftist anti-Semitism called the Anti-Zionist Complex by a French Jew that was published around 1980 or so.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Julius's book has some information on pre-Israel leftist antisemitism in Britain, IIRC.


Empress Trudy said...

The Brits can be relied on to be unreliable. If they repeal this law they'll simply enact a new one or ignore their own changes in the law. Israel should simply arrest all British officials in Israel as well as anyone who's ever served for Britain in NATO in Afghanistan or in Iraq. Let the cards fall where they may.