Monday, December 20, 2010

Haaretz Sort Of Recognizes a Mistake

Amos Schoken, publisher of Haaretz, is sending out a personal letter to the people who canceled their subscriptions last April at the height of the Anat-Kam-Uri-Blau story, and have since then resisted the pleas of the paper to return. (I wrote about this repeatedly at the time, for example here). The letter itself says nothing of importance, and is full of the usual bla-bla; I would be surprised if it convinces many people to re-subscribe. The interesting thing about it is that it got written and sent. Apparently the revulsion towards the paper was significant, and hurt. Still hurts.

On a vaguely similar topic, I hope no-one's missed the absolutely delicious story about how Julian Assange's lawyers are peeved that someone leaked the Swedish police report about his sexual escapades.


Silke said...

and here is John Pilger

director of an apparently even more than "to be expected" disgusting film

ranting about the injustice of the comparison.

BTW that Pilger (whom I'd never heard of before) sounds to me like a complete nutter, who nevertheless seems to be able to collect funds to make such a movie and has enough of his own to be able to pony up bail for Assange.

Frightens me!

Barry Meislin said...

Haaretz apologizing?

Truly Schocken!!

File under: To misunderstand is to forgive....?

Silke said...

It certainly is nice that you got such a personal letter, but where is Mr. Blau?

were you told anything about him? my latest info is case still in limbo.

I only read the headline, but judging from Latma they are not in favour of Bibi also or rather they find it hard to say something nice about him.

I so wish I could manage to stop feeling confused in this life.

Silke said...

BILD the German tabloid has an interview with Syria's Assad, sucking up to him in the first question with the statement that Damascus is core biblical land.
it is simple language, Google translate should be able to give a fair approximation. Second part will follow tomorrow.

Sérgio said...

Ah, the poetic justice...

Anonymous said...

Is their close collaboration between The Guardian and Haaretz?

Barry Meislin said...

...but judging from Latma they are not in favour of Bibi...

Good catch!

Bibi may make mistakes---he may even be a fool---and he talks too much (and it is, of course, way too easy to criticize); but he's what we've got at the moment, and his situation is um, given the problems he's facing, not an easy one.

What the people in the article are described as doing (and saying, and writing) is unconscionable. On several levels.