Friday, December 24, 2010

The Powerful Jordanian Lobby

If I'm reading this story correctly, the Powerful Jordanian Lobby may be able to have unwanted comments removed from the New York Times website. If not that, what is going on? Surely the NYT isn't pre-emptively self-censoring?


Silke said...

it can't have been the Jordanian Lobby, there is no such thing, it must have been a sly attempt of the "Israel Lobby" to give Jordanians a bad name.

That is the only "reasonable" explanation ;-)

Eamonn said...

I see this "my right word" guy is friendly with "brian of london". Jews who maintain any kind of relations with EDL fascists are IMHO out of their minds.

RK said...

I don't see the gap in the comment thread Medad refers to. I see Malley saying at 23 that further comments on Palestinian demographics in Jordan aren't going to be approved, since they're off-topic.

RK said...

Haha, I meant Mackey, not Malley, of course. The latter would have really been something.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed. It's the triple whammy of Cosmic Jewish powers (of which I have none).

1,000% agree.


Silke said...

I've just scrolled throught the list of comments.

25 is the only one that is missing!!!

that means, if I understand Mackey and his apology correctly, that it had been successfully posted and has been removed AFTERWARDS.

to determine the significance of that it would probably take a truly neutral Geek familiar with the NYT's habits to explain.

Empress Trudy said...

The New York Times doesn't need any outside pressure to smear Jews. They do it quite well on their own. About 3 days a week there's a page 1 below the fold weepy article on the poor poor Palestinians.

Independent Observer said...

Trudy is correct.

The Obama administration's nomination of Charles Freeman was brought down by Freeman's own habit of carying water for the Saudi and Chinese governments. Freeman had even urged the PRC government to be yet more violent with Tienanmen demonstrators. For that reason, more than 80 prominent Chinese dissidents wrote a public letter to Obama opposing Freeman's nomination.

When Obama dropped the Freeman nomination, the NYT wrote a front-page article echoing the anti-Semitic Freeman's Foreign Policy article claiming "the Jews done it." The NYT article did not even mention Chinese community opposition until a single sentence halfway down the inner page; the NYT said not one word about the famous public letter by dissidents.

Many other examples have convinced me that the NYT is almost as profoundly anti-Semitic an institution as the Gardian.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, based on Yisrael's post and the time stamps in the comments column, it looks like Mackey responded to Yisrael, Yisrael responded to Mackey, then Mackey decided to cut off the discussion because it is tangential. I think Mackey removed his original reply to Yisrael and comment #25, and then decided to cut off the discussion of Jordanian population. He may have received a several comments on Jordanian demographics in the interim prompting his decision.

I think Mackey just wanted to keep the comments limited to settler-bashing. I think his response to Allison Good at #30 was pretty obnxious.