Monday, December 13, 2010

Saeb Erekat Tells it as it Isn't

Bataween has a fine post about UN resolution 194, and the dishonest way the Palestinians are spinning it. If you're not familiar with this material, it's a fine introduction.

Erekat is often held up by hopeful observers trying to convince us peace could be just around the corner. It has always seemed to me he's rather an example for why it isn't.


Bryan said...

Your note about Erekat is equally true of Abbas and Fayyad.

"Hopeful observers" often tell us that "moderate" Abbas and Fayyad, and they alone, can convince their restive, rejectionist population to make peace. Instead of convincing us that Abbas and Fayyad are the answer, they merely point out that, yes, the general Palestinian *is* restive and rejectionist, and that Abbas and Fayyad--who have no constitutional legitimacy--do not reflect the majority of their constituents and could not impose their will even if they wanted.

As for the right of return: I don't hear anyone in leftist circles complaining bitterly about the right of Germans expelled from Poland or Czechoslovakia to return to their homes.

Double standards are so frustrating.

Silke said...

Elder of Ziyon is now a cartoonist ;-)
and he has one on Abbas. He has one on Erekat also.
Both are IMHO more Power Points than cartoons

heplev said...

Elder also has fisked Erekat's rubbish:
anyone interested in my translation into German:

Barry Meislin said...

Erekat's been lying for decades.

Nice smile, though.

And while he exudes credibility, he himself doesn't believe a single word he says.

Go figure....

File under: "But if I told the truth, they most certainly wouldn't believe I'd lose my job"(?)

Barry Meislin said...

To be fair, I forgot, alas, to mention that Erekat is a really personable fellow.

A very nice guy.

Seriously. Ask anybody.


Silke said...

instead of anybody, this is Walter Russell Mead:

Saeb Erekat, the eloquent and persuasive chief negotiator for the Palestinian Authority and one of the most engaging human beings I have ever seen, speaks of creating a kind of greater Jericho of up to 700,000 inhabitants, many resettled from Gaza.

Barry Meislin said...

Indeed, it is so very touching to learn how Erekat's frothing engenders such gushing on the part of even seemingly discriminating personages.

A most talented performer---I mean resouce.

(Oh, and did I mention he was a really nice guy?)